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Adesina Simon Temidayo, 14 year-old Leonardo Da Vinci inspired artist


Adesina Simon Temidayo

Can you tell us who you are?

My name is Adesina Simon Temidayo. I am 14 years old.

How did you start this line of business?

I started drawing since my early childhood days. I remember vividly every detail about drawing, back then, all I wanted was to be an artist and an excellent one at that.


How were you inspired?

I became inspired by a famous artist named Leonardo Da Vinci, who drew and painted Mona Lisa.

What categories are you best at: comics, portraiture, fashion illustration, abstract, etc?

I do more of portrait drawings.

How was your training like? Were you trained by a professional or self-taught?

I wasn’t trained by anyone. Everything I know about drawing and painting, I taught myself.

Can you share your feeling whenever you are drawing?

Every time I draw, I feel elevated, excited and fulfilled any time I see the finished product or the outcome of work.

Have you ever drawn for money before/have you been drawing for money?

Not at all.

What drawing tools do you use for those fantastic drawings of yours?

I mostly use canvas, pencils, erasers, brushes, depending on what I am painting, palette, to mix the colors, which I call mixology, different types of colors.

Which ones are you looking forward to purchase for even greater pieces?

I am looking forward to purchasing a big sketch pad, where I can draw and keep records of whatever I draw or paint. I also need a drawing stand, and all the right pencils for my drawings.

So, how do you see yourself, a company or an innocent boy with passion for drawing?

I see myself as an innocent boy with the passion for drawing, but maybe in the nearest future, a company, if I get enough funds to stand up the business.

Any final words to kids out there with similar potentials?

My advice to other kids out there is for them to never stop doing what they know how to do best, they should never give up on their dreams , because they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard towards it.


Can you tell us more about yourself?

I live at UNILAG and my best colour is blue. We are six in my family and I am the fourth child.

My mum is a civil servant and my dad is a banker.

I am in JSS3 and my best subject is fine art.

How do you manage schooling and drawing, as drawing is known to take time, especially when working on a project?

Drawing is part of my school activities, which makes it more convenient for me.

I am not in anyway disturbed with merging schooling and drawing together.

Arguably, you are a good artist, however you still look up to some people that are more established and fulfilled in this line. Who do you look up to?

Leonardo Da Vinci


What makes your brand stand out from others?

It is because I am left handed and I like what I do which makes the aftermaths of my works comes out very pleasing.

When you see super-awesome artworks by some kids, do you feel motivated to try more or you feel lagged behind?

Yes, I feel motivated; I feel challenged to do more works and I try all my best to be the best of my best whenever I hold my pencil.

Do you also do You-Tube training like getting some hidden processes in art: blending tips, shading/gradient, giving textures, choices of pencils and other techniques needed for a great artist?

Yes, I am sure you will agree with me that it is a good place to acquire more knowledge of anything you do.

Were you at any point discouraged, maybe by friends, siblings, parents or even pressure from studies?

No, I wasn’t at all discouraged at any point. They believe in me and in my future.

What other things are you skilled at apart from drawing?


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