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Amadi Precious Chigozie: Passionate drummer boy

My name is Amadi Precious Chigozie. I was born on April 25, 2000, which makes me 18 years old. I am a drummer. I didn’t just wake up one day...

My name is Amadi Precious Chigozie. I was born on April 25, 2000, which makes me 18 years old. I am a drummer. I didn’t just wake up one day and started calling myself a drummer, as there was a beginning to my professionalism.

It all started when I was seven years old. I was attracted to music, especially to the instrument known as ‘The Drum.’ I just had a special feeling for the instrument. And whenever it was being played, there was this fire it ignited in me. I always felt like beating the drum. Fortunately, my elder brother, who was the first child of the family, was a drummer. He knew a lot about the instrument. So, he naturally became my teacher, mentor, as well as a coach.

On my journey towards attaining excellence in this field, I have been confronted with some challenges. The biggest of these was my elder brother, who taught me how to beating the drums. He always intimidated and hindered me from the exposure I needed. He was over protective. He probably didn’t want anything bad happening to his kid brother, or maybe he wanted me to really experience the different phases of life.

Then, losing my father was one tragedy that really had a negative effect on me. Before his death, my dad, on noticing my interest in music, had promised to send me to a music school, where I could better actualise my dreams. But after his death, it was like my world came tumbling down before my eyes. I temporarily lost my passion for drum. We no longer had a place to stay, and we had to live in the church for two years. We celebrated Christmas and New Year there. That was a very big challenge for me.

Anyway, I was able to solve these challenges by praying to God. I also encouraged myself by being determined and focused to be best among my equals. My passion for drum returned after my mum had a serious talk with me. My brother also became more relaxed and allowed me more freedom. I started rehearsing.

I knew school was important, and I made a promise to my brothers that I would also take my education seriously. So, I divided my time between reading my books and rehearsing. I tried to balance the two, although when it’s exam period, I put learning drums on break.

My role model is a female drummer. She made me feel challenged. Her name is Odebiyi, popularly known as Topsticks ND. When it comes to teaching drums, my role model is a man called Pappy Joe.

Another special mentor is my mother. Although she is not an instrumentalist, she is a lover of music. Her prayers and advice just keep me going and push me beyond my limit.

Well, I am not the kind of drummer that is after the money made from it, as I know for a fact that money will eventually come. So, I don’t demand for money, when invited to play anywhere. I focus more on the joy I derive anytime I’m playing the drum. However, I make a meagre amount, which I use for miscellaneous needs.

My vision in five years is to become known through drums. I want to become a speaker and mentor in that area. I want to open a music studio generally.

My playing the drum is solving a lot of problems, including enabling me acquire things I wouldn’t have had the money to get. Also, beating drums gives me so much joy whenever I’m sad.

My advice to other teens out there is to pray, and never allow negative things to stop them from achieving their desires and dreams. They should throw themselves wholeheartedly into achieving success on chosen fields. They should always believe in God and push themselves above their limit.

People can reach me through: Facebook kvng Harmadee presticks.
Precious Hamadie: 0907 749 2308

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