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Amoo Hamid: Learning the ropes early


This is what I believe: “Every start up and business has a story to tell; the world we live in now has a lot of entrepreneurs in different forms, different areas and different age groups. Being an entrepreneur involves lots of work, devotion and of course, determination. ‘Determination’ is a key word in being an entrepreneur; I usually say determination today leads to success tomorrow”

My name is Amoo Hamid. I am a higher grade 5 student of Pampers Private School, Surulere, Lagos. I am so passionate about making money independently. Growing up, I was known to be jovial, outspoken child who had lots of interests in my dad’s business, who is also an entrepreneur. From when I was much younger, I derived joy from going to my dad’s workplace, not only that but also attending to his customers directly. Knowing how to speak calmly, respectfully and convince the customers to patronize my dad were my ‘job descriptions’ and I would not allow you come and go without getting something, not when I was there at least. In addition to that, I liked counting my daddy’s money, making statement like “I’ll grow up to have a business just like you, so I could have money even more than you”. To me, counting money gives a self-confidence sensation, I don’t really know about others but I know everyone should like counting money. That being said, money shouldn’t be the only motivation of being an entrepreneur.

The primary purpose of being an entrepreneur is having a business, making money without depending on lots of people. A good entrepreneur should try observing the surrounding, know what the surrounding lacks and what people around need to make work and services easier and faster. I am an observant boy who thinks very fast and likes to be in control of some certain issues among my peers. I have helped my friends in the neighbourhood to manage certain situations that require right sense of judgement. I learnt most of my crafts and composure from my upbringing and also largely with the help of my teachers who taught me the importance of helping others and being useful in my society. This actually prompted me to take part in kid entrepreneurs club where I learnt basics of being an entrepreneur and how to relate well with my peers and adequate marketing techniques. I make several crafts in my free time and sell to them in my neighbourhood to my friends and family.


Marketing to anyone is no more a problem for me since I’ve self-taught myself that when I was much younger. I approach both strangers and familiars without any problem. Yes, sometimes rejection comes, but when it comes, I move on and make sure I sell out to some other people. I could remember vividly the first money I made when I sold my crafts. It is a strong feeling seeing someone buy what you made with your hands. I don’t what to believe that feeling is only exclusive to children alone; I was super excited and proud of myself. Then, I called my dad on the phone and explained all the processes to him. I made sure I counted the money the same way I counted my dad’s, and you need to see that expression all over my face. What a feeling!

After observing my determination to being an entrepreneur, my parents decided to get me involved with meeting different kids of my age at the park and mall, to talk to them about what I crafted and explain the process to them, while also selling some of the items. I made a promise to my dad and mum that I will keep working hard and stay focused with everything that I do to be an internationally recognized entrepreneur.


Here I am, I really do not have a company set up, I don’t have staff, I don’t have board of directors but I have everything it takes to be an entrepreneur, because I have the skills, I know the do’s and don’t’s , I have the spirit- I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.

Currently, I sell my handmade crafts and other petty items which include daily needs by pupils and edibles. I have made a considerable amount of money since when I started and saving has been part of me. Because of my love for gaining financial independence, I don’t even want to let my money disappear, so I always have my profits saved.

My role model is my dad. He likes his business and he is successful. So, he’s the one I’m looking up to. I want to be like him and even more successful than him.I would like to sign out by saying “money should not be the reason why you want to be an entrepreneur, look around you, there is always a problem that needs to be solved, there is always a provision for your society’s needs, you are never too young to solve a problem. Solve the littlest problem and you’ll end up earning the biggest cash”

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