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At seminar, kid entrepreneurs share experiences

By Blessing Udonya
08 March 2020   |   3:45 am
Tony Recury is a smart, talented and confident 13-year-old. He is a singer, environmentalist, and the proud owner of O.T Smile Popcorn. Tony started singing at the age of seven


Tony Recury is a smart, talented and confident 13-year-old. He is a singer, environmentalist, and the proud owner of O.T Smile Popcorn.

Tony started singing at the age of seven. He has written six songs and recorded four in his first CD titled, Nigeria We Are One. His songs are meant for both children and adults.

He explained that he was inspired to start singing when he noticed children hawking in the streets all over the country. After asking why this was happening, and he was told the government was not adequately catering for the society, he sang his first song titled: ‘Nigeria we are one.’

He started his popcorn business in 2018 and the proceeds of the business are given to the less privileged.

His advice to other kids, as well as a young entrepreneur, is to be focused and try everything to achieve their goals in life.

STEPHANIE Michael is a young and talented 10-year-old, who produces scented candles.

She started her business in 2016. At that time, she became highly interested in discovering the secrets of making scented candles.

Her motivation came from her yoga instructor, who told her that scented candle is relaxing, as it reduces stress. She was given a scented candle to take home and observe. She later developed an eagerness to produce a scented candle with the help of her mother.

So far, she has been able to make N30, 000 in the business.


Stephanie sees herself as a big producer of scented candles in the next five years.

And though she does not have her own company, for now, she is determined to work hard and bring it to reality.

Her advice to kids who have talents is to keep pushing forward and don’t keep their talents hidden or neglected. If they have talent, they should not feel that they are too young to pursue their dreams.

BRIAN Ndukwe is a confident eight-year-old that loves speaking in public.

He was five years old when he started speaking in public and later became a motivational speaker.

Brian gives speeches on lots of things, including at birthdays, weddings, goal career setting and New Year.

He is always invited to occasions to give speeches. He was recently invited to Kid Entrepreneur Africa on February 29, 2020, where he spoke on confidence. He urged children to be confident in their goal setting.


He was motivated by his father to pursue a career in public speaking. His parents are his sponsors.

Brian gets his inspiration from other motivational speakers and authors.

His advice to children that wish to be motivational speakers is that they should be bold and confident.

DANIEL Ikechukwu is an industrious 12-year-old who has his own business called ‘Danicious Pancake.’ He produces pancakes, hotdogs, and sausages.

When making his pancake, he adds some toppings like marbles, chocolate, and strawberry to give it a unique taste.

What motivated him to go into pancake business was that he loved pancake, while growing up. So, he decided to start his own business by producing pancakes, and also to assist his mother.

His sibling helps him to manage the business, especially in the area of delivery.

Brian does not think his pancake business is disturbing his academics, as he wakes up at 5 a.m. every day to mix the flour.
He has been able to make more than N100, 000 since he started the business last year.

SAMUEL Elijah, a 15-year-old SS2 student is an artist, painter, designer, and a young entrepreneur.

He started painting since he was six years old and has established himself as a young entrepreneur.

He was motivated to go into this business because he had a passion for drawing and decided to learn how to paint.

He decided to go into the business when the person he was learning from was no longer reliable, always telling him that he could not draw. That was when he was motivated to become an artist. So, he was forced to leave that place and start drawing on his own.

He makes an average profit of N20, 000 per one painting.

He advises other young entrepreneurs to come out of their shell and bring their talents to light.