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Azolem Onaro: Life may not be perfect, but your outfit can be with accessories


Who is Azolem Onaro?
Chukwuazolem Onaro is a 9-year old generous, friendly and smart girl. I am kind and talented. I am actively involved in positive actions in my school, home and church. I am also the CEO of Azed collections.

Tell us about Azed Collections. What does it mean and what is it about?
Azed collections is a brand that makes hair accessories, bracelets and bow tie. Azed came from my name ‘Azolem.’

Who are the brains behind Azed Collections?
The brains behind the collections are my cousin, my younger sister and my mum. I get support and inspiration from them.


As a kid, how did you start your business? Isn’t business a thing for adults, and a scary thing for kids?
Some people assume business is just for adults; but for me, I do not think that way. Children should have the right to think as entrepreneur and get every form of support from adults.

Tell us what you like most about being an entrepreneur
What I like about being an entrepreneur is that I have the opportunity to express my love for bright colours in my products. I like the fact that people look colourful and happy when they wear a piece from Azed collections.

How do you come up with your collections’ designs?
I get inspired by my mum, who is a fabric artist (veraonaro). I love to use the pieces from her left over fabric to make hair bows and ties. I also improved my skill with the special assistance from my cousin who also owns a similar business as mine.

Do you have a role model you look up to for inspiration in the business?
My role model will always be my mum because she is very creative and hardworking. I like the clothes she makes and this makes me feel I can do better.

How do you find people to buy your products?
I feel happy and excited when people are interested in buying my product. I have learnt that to make money is not easy because I have to explain what I do to every person I see as a customer. I have also learnt that people like different colours for different occasions.

What important lessons have you learnt from running your business?
In the process of running my business, I discover that people assume that my product is only for children, so, in most cases I have to explain to adults how to wear them and still look matured.

What were your challenges in the business and how were you able to handle them?
There are some kind of designs I love to create, but finding a perfect fabric for it is also challenging. Therefore, I consult my mum.


What do you do with the money you make from your business?
I save the money I make from my business and use a small portion of it as my capital.

How do people react when you tell them you own a business?
People are always excited to hear that I own or actually make my products by myself and this encourages me a lot. It gives me a feeling that I can do better.

Would you encourage other kids to start their own business? If you would, why?
I will encourage children to own their business because it is easier to make money when you turn your passion into means of making money or doing things you love to do and getting paid for it. This will make you save for the future and be independent as a young adult.


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