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Boluwatife Adebambo: Teen talk show moderator


Boluwatife Adebambo

Desirous of impacting her generation positively and putting smiles on the faces of young people passing through awful experiences in the United States and around the world, Boluwatife Adebambo took to hosting Teen Talk, a show that highlights the challenges young people face daily.

Generally called Blu by friends and well-wishers, the 16-year-old Nigerian born US-based moderator disclosed that she was inspired to do teen talk, when she saw how kids and youths are daily criticised for bad behaviours, making many of them to develop low self-esteem, thereby, becoming unable to bring out the best in their studies or whatever they do.

She revealed that some of the criticisms, mostly from the older generation, are harsh and bring teens to the ground level.


“I know how teens and young people feel each time this situation comes up because I have also been through it all. It is the wish to make teens have self-awareness of who they are and want to be that formed the idea of the teen talk,” she said.

Blu, who started the talk show with close friends and relatives, has begun the recording of her talks and is sending them to Youtube, so that young people across the globe could watch and learn from suggestions given on how to overcome some of the challenges they are facing.

“The challenges are global, as they cut across creed and clime. This is why I put them in the Youtube — Teen Talk News Post — for young people that have access to the Internet to watch and learn from,” she said.

On how she keeps the show relevant and interesting, the 12 Grader explained that she draws some of her topics from different things happening in her community, her school, the city and things she has read about others.

Boluwatife Adebambo and friends

She said: “I cannot run out of topic because there is a lot to talk about from the U.S., to how people live and handle teens in other parts of the world. For instance, in the United States, male and female do not treat each other equally in school and at work, which is part of what we discuss. Also, I get my topics from what is happening to people around me and inform them on how to avoid it.

“Our topics go from teen fashion talk to other areas of life that even affect young adults. I am more interested in making my listeners well informed, see how they can add value to their lives and improve their societies, instead of turning to drugs or thinking of suicide as solutions. I am out to re-engineer teens’ minds with real-life examples that suit their situations.”

Blu, who sometimes spoke at events, revealed that the initial goal was not about making money, but to pass self-realisation messages to teens to enable them to be the best they can be in life.

She said the beginning was challenging, especially as she had to combine schoolwork with her show.

“But things have for now improved, as I have learned how to create time for schoolwork, shooting, and research. My parents have been super supportive and have been a great source of motivation and inspiration. I’m looking forward to being a successful entrepreneur, improving young minds and helping young people achieve their goals in life,” she said.

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