Thursday, 28th October 2021
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Chiamaka Akuta: Humanitarian teen chef

I started by being a young cook assistant at a noodles eatery. After learning all the tricks and improving my knowledge of the business and skills

Chef Chiamaka

Who are you, and how old are you?
My name is Chiamaka Akuta. I am 13 years old.

What do you do?
I am a chef. I am into cooking. I am a highly favoured caterer for cooking healthy, delicious noodles.

How did you start your business?
I started by being a young cook assistant at a noodles eatery. After learning all the tricks and improving my knowledge of the business and skills, I started my own business.

What problem do you solve with your business?
I solve the problem of starvation and hunger, especially for kids on the street that have no money to buy food. By giving out between one and five plates free charity meals of noodles to these children, I am helping them and the society in my own little way. I am ready to serve more meals to the hungry if I get support from philanthropists, corporate organisations, Online meal vendors and dispatch riders.

What are the challenges you have encountered in the course of your business?
I am facing some challenges that are preventing me from doing my business the way I would have loved. First is getting affordable shop at a good location for the evening eatery spotlight. Second is finance to enable me to get more readily available noodles, pasta, groundnut oil and foodstuffs.

There are also the essential needs that include power, potable water and cooking gas supply. I also need to advertise and promote my business. I would also like to access Kid entrepreneurs grants.

Who are your role models?
Number one is my mum, Mrs. Ngozie Akuta, Pascal King Chef Amaka at Morning Rave TV

Where did you get your inspiration from?
I got my inspiration from my mom. Being a child of a widow is tasking, very challenging and over burdening. My mom caters for six children, providing us with shelter, food, clothing and education. I am the eldest daughter, so my mum taught me how to cook and do a food presentation.

My interest is in cooking delicious noodles and pasta garnished with spicy vegetables and fruits, continental dishes and African native foods, among others.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
My dream is to become a medical doctor and a chef to provide healthy food to the people, as well as enable me to extend the hands of charity to the needy and hungry children in the community. I am seeking a corporate organisation brand endorsement deal, advertisement and sponsorship to enable me to extend humanitarian aid to hungry and starving children. I also seek a scholarship to further my education and reduce the burden on my mother.

I have upcoming events in Lagos. I will keep all my customers and fans informed on the date and venue: Eat all Festival. We will be serving the best of high-quality food, noodles, pasta, cocktails, appetisers, small chops, bread, cakes and snacks. The event will be serving paid food, free food for the first 10 children every day and more. There is also an affordable exhibition space.

What’s your advice to other kids out there?
Believe in your dreams by starting up the business and skills. Work hard, trust in the Lord and in your talents and never give up till you achieve your dreams.

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