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Darasimi Odumosu, the five-year-old entertainer


Odumosu Darasimi Israel aka Success

Odumosu Darasimi Israel is a five-year-old entertainer. His stage name is Success.

His journey into the world of entertainment began very early, when he started following his daddy to events.

At such occasions, he would always go for the microphone. He loves holding the microphone. He would examine the microphone, feel it and talked to it, even though his words were not yet clear.


“And at home, we noticed he was always singing along when watching music channels,” recalled his parents.

“That was when we fully discovered that he had passion for entertainment. This gave us an idea of what he would love to do and his direction in life. So, he started preparation towards this area.

What was the motivation behind it?
The whole entertainment crew of Born 2 Rule is the motivation behind the push and desire to excel. And he enjoys his outing with the entire team. However, his dad is the greatest motivation and the most encouraging.

What are the challenges he is facing in the business?
One of the challenges he faces is that he is still under 18 years. So, there are certain places he cannot perform sometimes, based on this fact.

Some places require that entertainers must be of legal age before they are allowed to perform.

Whenever he is happy, especially after giving him what he wants, mostly toys and new clothes, he tends to bring out the best in him. He is at his best when he is in a good mood. On such occasions, he is at the height of his ability.


Who are his role models?
His father is his greatest role model.

What value has the business added to his life?
The business is helping him to grow mentally and psychologically. Additionally, he is getting noticed in the industry and the world. With this ability, he has become more educated and is exposed intellectually.

What is his vision for the business?
He would like to be the best among the best locally and internationally.

Is he making money from the business?
Not so much for now. But gradually, we believe he will start to make money.

How does he combine school with what he does?
One does not affect the other. Because of what he is into, we make sure his education is given priority. Education is very important, so we ensure we give him standard education.

What is his advice for other kids out there, who have outstanding abilities?
His advice to other people out there is that they shouldn’t give up, no matter the obstacles and challenges. To succeed in anything, you have to be focused, determined and work hard.

You can reach Darasimi on his contact platforms below:

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