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Diana Egwuaru: Kid model and actress


Diana Egwuatu is a six-year-old model and actress. She is in Grade 1. Her journey into modeling and acting started when she was three, as she showed deep interest in these two areas.

She actually started professional modeling for fashion designers at the age of three and has modelled for some brands, including @monbebelagos @deebonitas @bashhouseofdenim @fraicheur_nigeria @meera_stitches and @atttrendykiddies.

Similarly, she has made her presence felt in the film industry, by featuring in movies including God Calling, Stay, Sleeved The Movie, Captain English, Knocked From The Past, The Date and You Me Maybe.

But this is not all. She has also featured in TV commercials for Globacom, Google and social media platforms for United Bank for Africa (UBA), Ajinomoto and A Bookish Pair. And she is currently the new face of Indomie Super Kid Hero.

For her talents and efforts, Diana has received the Nigeria Child Award, Kidpreneur Ambassador Award, Amazing Amazon Recognition Ward. She is in Grade1.


Going down memory lane and the genesis of it all, Diana’s mummy said: “It all started when she saw a kid in a film and she said, ‘Mummy, what is this girl doing, when I can act better than her? ‘Mummy why am I not on TV and billboards?’ I looked at her and said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘yes now, I can do better than her.’

“So, I told her dad, and we started taking her for auditions. That was how it all started.”

Glamorous as it all may sound, Mrs. Egwuatu said there have been lots of challenges along the way.

“One of the challenges is that, most people only want to use kids to promote their brands and not compensate or pay kids for services rendered,” she explained. “This is so sad and kids are not really well appreciated in these industry.

“I got my inspiration from Kris Jenner, who supported all her kids, who have become successful. So, I ask myself, ‘If she can do it why can’t I?”

One of her goals is to show parents they can nurture their kids’ talents. “I get lots of dms on her Instagram page, regarding how she inspires their kids. I believe every child is talented. So, it is now left for parents to groom these talents and support their kids. Most parents are scared of exposing their kids. But I tell them we parents are to guide them aright.”

On her part, Diana’s vision is to work for top brands and show other kids they can also be great, if they work hard at it.

On her advice for parents, Mrs. Egwuatu urged parents not to force any profession on their children.

“For instance, some parents want their kids to become models. But if the child is not interested or does not love taking pictures, how can such child be a model? It’s just like me forcing Diana to be a footballer just because I love football. So, parents should take time to study their children, what they like doing and have passion for and then nurture it. The child will surely excel.

On Diana’s vision, her mother said: “She wants to have her own YouTube channel, and we need a professional camera to make that dream come true. We plan getting it, so the world can get to see more of her and how amazing she is.”

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