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Meet Ibironke brothers, 3D animation enthusiasts


Can we meet you?
I am Toluwaferan Ibironke. I am nine years old, while my younger brother is Tomiwasire Ibironke. He is seven years old.

How did you both start this line of business?
Our mother enrolled us for private 3D Animation tutoring in her film studio.

What categories are you best at?
We are best at modeling, texturing, rigging and animating 3D Images.


What are your feelings each time you create an animated character?
We think of a character and then use our 3D animation tools to create the image, using Adobe Photoshop and MAYA Software. When we create these images, we feel very happy, which most times encourage us to create more characters.

Were you trained by a professional?
Yes, a professional trained us.

How do you manage schooling with your animation training?
Our 3D classes hold at weekends and during school vacations. Our parents always make sure we give necessary attention to schoolwork and assignments, as we get better at our animation creations.

Do you see yourselves as a company or just young people with passion for 3D animation?
We have the passion for 3D animation. We developed the passion from watching cartoons and animation films. Now that we are creating animation characters ourselves, we hope to develop the skills and create our own animated works.

Have you been drawing for money?
No, we have not. We are trained to create our own animation stories. It after we are done with it that we can start making money from it.

How has 3D animation programme impacted your lives? Could you mention some of the people you have met in the course of your training?
We have learnt that our imagination can come to life; we can make it walk, talk and play. We have not met many people on the 3D Animation world, but our tutor has promised to exhibit our works at ComicCon.

Who do you look up in this field?
We look up to Mr. Bisi our tutor. He is an Autodesk licensed instructor. He is very talented and a very good teacher. We also look up to all the great works from Lego Ninjago, Disney Marvel, Disney Pixar, StarWars,
Angry Birds, Mine Craft and lots of cartoon works.

What stands your brand out from others?
We are not sure of many kid 3D motion creators, but our mother tells us that we are already outstanding.

How do you feel, each time you see awesome 3D animated creations from kids like you?
We feel motivated and want to perform better.

What animation tools do you use for your work?
Right now, we make use of Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop for sketching, modeling and texturing, rigging and animation.

Which ones are you looking forward to get to make your work better?
We look forward to getting the Eizologic ZBrush software.

Have you at any time been discouraged, maybe by your parents, siblings or even pressure from school?
No, our parents enrolled us into this programme. Our mum encourages us to always create our own cartoon stories and bring our imagination to life.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, we see ourselves creating our own works.

Do you have advice for kids wanting to go into your line of business?
Our advice will be for them to always draw out their imagination and use lots of Lego Bricks to create characters.

In what other things are you skilled apart from drawing?
Toferan: I am skilled at swimming. Tomiwa: I am skilled at karate. I am currently on the Purple Belt and I am training for my Black Belt.

Any word for kids with potentials out there?
Like our mum says all the time: ‘write down and build your imagination.’ Whenever you are watching cartoon programmes, create your own story too.

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