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Moradeyo and Moradeke Adetosoye online twin marketers

By Editor
27 January 2019   |   2:48 am
It all started when we were in primary school. We love to read novels and each time we get a new novel, we finish it in less than three days.

Our names are Moradeyo and Moradeke Adetosoye. We are 11 years old and presently in Junior Secondary School. We started an online business, where we sell goods on Instagram and use part of the proceeds from it to buy educational items for a school we adopted at Itedo Community, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State. We also act and write. We have written three books that are yet to be published, and we have featured in a Wole Soyinka play at Muson Centre and a stage play ‘Grandma Wura.’

How We Started
It all started when we were in primary school. We love to read novels and each time we get a new novel, we finish it in less than three days. One of our teachers advised that we adopted a Government school and set up a library for them. To raise funds for the school, we decided to partner with different vendors to help sell their products and services on Instagram at a discounted price and share profits with charity, rather than soliciting for money from friends and families. We plan to organise a diaper drive for children at Massey Children Hospital on this year’s (2019) Children’s Day.

The Motivation Behind What We Do
We get our motivation from God, our current followers, our mom, dad and older sister.

The Challenges In Our Business
Our current challenge is lack of buyers and followers, although we’re trying to make time for our Instagram page because we have school activities taking much of our weekdays. We hope to resolve this problem very soon.

Our Role Model
Although we have two different role models, our future ambitions are the same. Moradeke’s role model is her Year five primary school teacher, Ms. Salako, since she was the one who gave us the idea in the first place and we owe it all to her. Moradeyo’s role model is Dove Cameron, a striking young actress in the popular TV series, ‘Liv and Maddie’. Although she has not been a motivation to our Instagram page, she is a huge inspiration to Moradeyo because of her brave and outgoing spirit. She wishes to be like her in the near future.

The Problems We Are Solving
Right now, we are trying to upgrade the poor infrastructure in a particular primary school, and we also hope to reduce the rate at which poor education is spreading around Nigeria.

Our Vision
We plan to be solution providers in our society, proffering solution to different challenges within our society by developing entrepreneurial skills. Our outgoing nature and strength of taking up challenges that come our way would be an added advantage in achieving this in the near future, so as to face all the things life will throw at us, to be able to accomplish our dreams, no matter what and we believe that with God’s help, all things are possible.

Our Advice To Other People Out There
We’d like to advise everybody reading this to please never give up on what you want to do, and although sometimes some parents never fully understand our ambitions, we have to keep pushing. In all, just never give up on your hopes and dreams.

About Our platform
Our platform is just a way for us to express our minds on different topics, like the skits we’ve started working on. We decide to turn serious topics into interesting, dramatic plays. And although we haven’t had time to advertise more of our products, we’ve had a LOT of time to brainstorm skits we want to release unto the social media soon. So basically, our platform is just a place where we ‘discuss’ about social issues or vices, and how we can prevent, reduce or even put an end to them.

More Things About Us
We are identical twin girls who have set their minds upon changing the world. Also, we are chasing after another ambition, which is acting, although most people don’t consider it a serious occupation. We have a strong belief that we can make a living out of what we want to do. We love reading books, singing and acting, but we HATE dancing. Also, we are free for any open acting spot in a drama, TV series or an Instagram video.

Moradeyo is fun, outgoing and playful. She also likes to speak-out, while Moradeke is fun, nice, socially active and also a rule-stickler. Some say we are the complete opposite of each other, especially our friends who say that when you get to know us, we’re not as identical as everyone originally thought we were. Actually to us, we are completely different people. Moradeyo thinks she is the boss, because although we are not clear on the timing of our delivery, Moradeyo is older than her sister, Moradeke, while Moradeke thinks that she’s older than Moradeyo. In Yoruba land, there is the belief that Kehinde sent Taiwo out into the world to check if the world is good enough and if this is so, Taiwo should cry. So, it’s been a struggle for power between us.

Additional Factors About Our Business
Our business was developed on strong faith and encouragement from the different people we have encountered in our lives. We’ve enjoyed all the ups and downs of having an online shop. And now, we’re facing primarily the business aspect, because lately we’ve just been performing some skits and our Bible verse videos. In this New Year, we will ensure that changes. Part of our New Year resolution was to make up to at least 100 sales before December, and we hope that with the help of our followers, we can achieve this. Another resolution is to gain more followers on our page. And all this shall be achieved in the name of the Lord. Amen.