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Sharing my story has led to partnerships and opportunities, says Mike Ciorrocco


Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco believes in the power of sharing your story. After growing up in a broken home and feeling abandoned by his hero, his father, Mike realized that his struggle with psychological and mental abuse was not his alone. The ace Podcaster said his both step to share his stories has helped others realize they also have stories to tell.

Looking for an outlet to share his story, Mike started the “What Are You Made Of?” movement, along with his hit podcast, What Are You Made Of? With Mike C-Roc. On the air, he teaches business professionals, showing them how to grow their business starting with a foundation based on culture and accountability, to building their people to unimaginable levels.

“I started People Building Inc. with the desire to help people realize their full potential.


“After telling my own story, I realized that not enough people share their stories. Sharing my story means helping others share theirs. I always thought that my story wasn’t special enough or that no one cared, but I was so wrong. Authenticity is undervalued in business, and the connections that sharing my story has created has led to partnerships and opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

Offering a seven-week mentorship program, one-on-one personal coaching, and public speaking at a variety of events, People Building Inc. is committed to Mike’s own life mission: helping others achieve greatness. “People Building Inc is a coaching business that focuses on building people through a foundation of confidence, resilience, leadership, emotional response, mental, spiritual, physical, and financial literacy,” he remarks. As the founder and CEO, Mike has helped hundreds of thousands of people use setbacks as rocket fuel for their comeback. However, Mike’s career didn’t begin there.

Mike can trace the earliest beginnings of his motivation to help others to his childhood. Reflecting on feeling abandoned by his father, he realized that his experience growing up in a broken home was not unique. The realization motivated him to search for an outlet to begin sharing his story with those who could relate, in order to encourage them in their own journeys. This process was not without difficulty. Mike explains, “One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is holding yourself and others accountable and setting up goals that are big enough to push yourself to higher levels of success.”

In 2021, he plans to take his career even further with the release of his book, “Rocket Fuel”.


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