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Young entrepreneurs start a family business making accessories


Adetoni Laolu – Adewale 10yrs – Chief Financial Officer (Year 7)

How We Started
Arielle, Adelani and I were inspired to start a business after attending the 2016 KENT FAIR and seeing the children participating in the fair. My mum and her sister (aunty Tosin) encouraged us to start our own business and we chose to create fashion accessories for girls because Arielle, Delani and I love to play dress up. We now make beautiful hair fascinators under the brand “SOFIS KIDS” Sofi is the short form of our maternal grandfather’s name. Our plan is to continue making and selling lovely accessories to make a lot of money. My mummy has plans to help invest our profit in shares and mutual funds and we are very excited about that.

Adelani Laolu-Adewale 8yrs – CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER (Year 4)
KENT Fair 2017
My experience at the Kent Fair was very interesting, we got to lekki in the morning and were given a stand to arrange our things. At first it was very hard to get people to buy from us. Many people said no, this made us very sad and even made me and Arielle cry. We later started selling our fashion accessories for N500 instead of N1000, we also gave balloons to all the children then everybody started buying from us. Adetoni was at the stand keeping the money while Arielle and I walked around selling to people. When we were hungry aunty Tosin asked Adetoni to buy us waffles and sausages from the money we made. We were the first to finish selling all our wares.

Arielle Ajose 6yrs – CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER (Year 2)
Our Craft
I started doing business to get money to go to Disneyland in paris, I made lemonades, smoothies and coconut candies and sold to mummy, daddy and my neighbours. Later, my cousins and I started a business called SOFIS KIDS! We make hairbands for girls in beautiful colours. Big mummy helps us buy the things we need like glue gun, roses, pliers and wire bands. The night before the fair we didn’t sleep we made red, green, purple, yellow and brown hair bands. We also had to pack them into nice bags. Some came off and we had to do them again. When we got to the fair we sold everything and made a lot of money.

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