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How to buy and sell Bitcoin – A beginner trader’s guide

By Guardian Nigeria
27 December 2022   |   2:06 am
By reading this article, you'll learn how to start trading Bitcoin effortlessly. We've also explained all the requirements and other essential concepts. You've probably heard stories about cryptocurrency investments. You may be planning to join other sector entrepreneurs but need help figuring out how to begin. Well, there's much to learn before you can successfully…

By reading this article, you’ll learn how to start trading Bitcoin effortlessly. We’ve also explained all the requirements and other essential concepts.

You’ve probably heard stories about cryptocurrency investments. You may be planning to join other sector entrepreneurs but need help figuring out how to begin. Well, there’s much to learn before you can successfully trade Bitcoin. And apart from seeking investment knowledge, you want to understand everything you’ll need to join the game. The requirements comprise tools that facilitate trading and management of your assets. On the other hand, cryptocurrency investment knowledge entails the skills and rules that can optimize your trading efforts. Read this guide to see everything a Bitcoin beginner trader should know.

Is Bitcoin Trading a Genuine Business?

We know that Bitcoin’s story could be more inspiring. There have been multiple reports of people who lost their assets to theft and had to quit the industry afterward due to limited funds. We’ve also heard about investors who recorded massive losses due to Bitcoin market uncertainties. The list is long, and we can only mention some things in one piece. However, investors would have avoided losses if they knew what they were doing. Back to our question: Is Bitcoin business legit? Well, it is. However, you need to understand how it works to minimize investing or trading mistakes.

Does Bitcoin Have Value?

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency has value, which is why you see people interested in trading it. Some people buy Bitcoin to store it. Bitcoin has the most significant value among all the currencies ever. Even though its initial values were too low, Bitcoin has grown to unbelievable heights today. With 1 BTC costing thousands of dollars, you must not be a rocket scientist to realize the reason for creating the smaller unit, known as Satoshi.

How to Prepare Before Investing In Bitcoin

The preparations you undertake before trading Bitcoin determine whether you’ll succeed. They can either boost your efforts or derail them. The first thing to do is save adequate cash. You need more resources to invest in Bitcoin effectively. And saving enough money means accumulating resources for your upkeep and investment purposes.

The other thing you must do is study the cryptocurrency market. Here, you’ll learn about the available assets and their investment potential. Understanding the market also entails mastering the price variations. And this will help you in predicting future Bitcoin prices more accurately. Another important thing a newbie trader needs to do is gather all the tools they’ll use for investing in Bitcoin. The first requirement is to create an account on a renowned and influential crypto trading platform like the The other conditions include the following;

A cryptocurrency wallet (Bitcoin wallet) – This is where you’ll store your Bitcoin as you trade. Two main types of digital wallets exist. Some operate online (hot wallets), and others use offline (cold wallets). Hot wallets are more flexible but less secure. On the other hand, cold wallets are less flexible but more secure. However, experts recommend hot wallets for more efficient Bitcoin trading.

  • A smartphone or a PC
  • A reliable internet connection

How to Secure Your Bitcoin Assets

Your Bitcoin investment will only prosper if you know how to store your funds safely. That’s because thousands of hackers attempt to compromise the Bitcoin network daily. So knowing what to do to keep the criminals out of your trading account or Bitcoin wallet can be more vital than you realize. Here are some of the ways of maximizing the safety of your Bitcoins.

  • Store Bitcoin in the digital wallet and not in the exchange account.
  • Keep your private address secret.
  • Don’t access your exchange account or Bitcoin wallet on a shared device.
  • Don’t open any unknown links with your device.
  • Keep your PC’s antivirus software up-to-date.


Venturing into the cryptocurrency business as a newbie can be very challenging, especially if you need to learn about the sector. But things can flow once you have the basics of trading Bitcoin at your fingertips. To succeed, you should survey the market to understand the price trends. Also, you should select the appropriate investment techniques and gather all the vital cryptocurrency investment requirements.

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