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Jobs: Breaking forth at times like this


Some people even make more money working as freelancers and on part time for different organisations because many small and medium companies cannot pay these professionals on full time.

Job loss is not a palatable situation to experience, especially for one with dependents. For some, the situation leaves them hapless and hopeless. To another group, it is a phase that enables them reminisce on their past and create new opportunities. Whichever divide one falls into, job loss could bring about diverse pressures.

Austin Oshilaja, a skills acquisition instructor, believes that job loss could lead to job creation if sacked workers get their benefits in time to make them start something meaningful. According to him, many people would not think of embarking on any business venture unless they lose their jobs.

“One needs to regularly update oneself; go for short and long term training programmes to improve on the knowledge one currently has and also to prepare for retirement. Don’t wait to lose your job before acquiring a skill, start now, today, and you will not regret it.


“Don’t wait for your company’s sponsorship before you start something, begin with your money and see it as part of what you are doing for yourself, while in service.

“Apart from this, one should never be afraid to start small. Most people want to be engaged in big production without knowing that starting small would enable them grow with their businesses, be an authority on their businesses and be able to weather the storms to becoming a big company,” he noted.

On people who solely depend on salaries, the skills trainer revealed that paid job is a form of slavery, which everyone should not dwell in for long. He stated that the only way to have job satisfaction is to be self-employed.

“To break loose from this financial enslavement, workers are to start their own businesses, while still in service. Owning a sale outlet for any product for instance and making money is not out of place. Use your spare time, annual leave period and work free days to work for yourself. The good thing about starting while in service is that it will enable one to curtail prodigal spending, identify the challenges in the business and be able to curb them before going into the business full time,” he noted.

For Alfred Odunbanjo, an investment expert, Nigerians should begin to think of doing some jobs on freelance basis than taking up monthly paid employment. This would enable them make money according to their inputs and as such may not suffer job loss, but rather expand their scope of operation with time.

“Some people even make more money working as freelancers and on part time for different organisations because many small and medium companies cannot pay these professionals on full time. In case one falls in this group, the best thing to do is to buckle up and take advantage of the ever-expanding market. This will make one work from home or under loose conditions that would enable him/her do other things to boost income.

“And for non professional, there is nothing wrong in picking up menial jobs, pending when one gets a choice job. The truth is that some jobs are transitory, one uses them to get to other jobs and letting such go off could mean leveraging opportunities to getting good jobs,” he said.

Harping on investment, Adijatu Alatishe, an employment agent, observed that many Nigerians are too complacent with paid job, which is the reason some become demented when they lose their jobs. According to her, the very moment an employee begins to realise that he/she could be sacked, the better it would be for him/her to plan for exit.


“Employees should on the first day at work begin to plan for retirement; think of job loss and the after effect. Do not be carried away by the fringe benefits or comforts of the office because the days of job security are gone. The Nigerian economy is a developing one and we will continue to witness unemployment, under employment and job loss,” she said.

FOR Azubuike Nwaudo, every worker should set out a time to leave his/her job, either voluntarily or otherwise. This, he noted would make one plan ahead and put aside some portion of his/her income as capital.

Nwaudo disclosed that an employee should not loose hope whenever he/she is relieved of his/her job because there are a lot of ventures to embark on to maintain regular flow of income no matter how small.

“You can go into low budget businesses such as small scale packaging of food items, snail breeding, fish pond, going into supplies of bread and other confectioneries and many others, with your retirement benefit. These are some areas people do not know could bring in much money. So, the period is not a time to moan over one’s situation, but a time to engage in critical thinking and survey to know what to do.

“Also, the period calls for one to socialise, go into synergy with friends, religious group and family members; it is not a time to flout one’s ego, but to show off skills. The advantage of this, is for the groups to know the services you can render; for it would be easier to give small jobs to a member of a group than to a non-member. Aside this, they could serve as a check when one’s spirit is low.” he said.

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