Wednesday, 29th November 2023

Juche economics: The righteous path to self-sufficiency … and poverty

I write you in these troubling times which our great country is passing through. Our great country has been brought to its knees thanks to the immoral actions of the bourgeoisie.
Market. PHOTO:

Market. PHOTO:

Greetings comrades.
I write you in these troubling times which our great country is passing through. Our great country has been brought to its knees thanks to the immoral actions of the bourgeoisie. We the masses worked night and day, tilled the soil under the scorching heat of the African sun to produce our glorious and eternally nourishing agricultural produce. But the greedy and senseless bourgeoisie have brought doom upon us. Their relentless quest for imported luxuries like toothpicks, fancy dresses, and seedless grapes have brought our once proud and glorious nation to its knees.

The senseless quest for extravagant lifestyles has drained our common foreign exchange purse and crippled our economy, and now we are in trouble. The statisticians will produce data to deceive us that our foreign exchange was drained by the importation of fuel and machinery. But they are probably lies paid for by the greedy bourgeoisie to blind us from the truth. A truth we can no longer deny. How can fuel, which is used by the masses, be the problem while the capitalist bourgeoisie import their gold trimmed fancy dresses. How can machinery, which are essential to our factories, be the problem when they import their seedless grapes.

Comrades, the capitalists in collaboration with their foreign co-conspirators have infiltrated almost every aspect of our once glorious nation. They have invaded our grains markets and are trying to take our grains to foreign lands. Comrades, they want to steal the produce that we the people have toiled in the scorching heat for. Some of our once loyal comrades argue that they should have the freedom to sell the grains they produced to whoever they like. Comrades, they have been hypnotized by the US dollar, and are willing to trade in our common grains for the currency of the foreigners. Comrades, to give the hypnotized the weapon of freedom is to ease the foreigners cause, and to help bourgeoisie.

We do not desire this. The grains must remain within. Never mind that the bourgeoisie will have us believe that there is a scarcity of foreign exchange. More lies made up to deceive us. Never mind that other foreigners want to flood our glorious nation with their cheaper grains. The capitalist bourgeoisie will have us believe that we should export our sought-after grains for foreign currency and import cheaper grains from Asia. But we will not be fooled. Our grains are superior and so we shall eat them and we shall be better for it.

Comrades, in these trying times our resolve for our collective good must not be broken. To survive in these perilous times, we have proposed a philosophy that shall guide us through the struggle. This is the philosophy of Juche. This philosophy was developed and championed by our now late but forever great comrade from a faraway land, Kim Il Sung. Comrades, per the philosophy, we the people are the masters of our society. We are the masters of everything and we decide everything. The society is built around us and will be championed by our chosen leader. We shall develop local solutions to our local problems by our own effort and in conformity with the actual conditions of our polity. We shall aim for independence in politics, self-sufficiency in the economy and general self-reliance.

Even though we come under pressure from the colonialists, imperialists, and dominationists, we shall thoroughly implement the principles of Juche and defend our glorious country’s sovereignty and dignity.

Comrades, we shall rebuild our economy from the supreme local resources that we have and we shall be self-sufficient in everything that we do. We shall set targets to be self-sufficient in rice, wheat, and sugar. We have already attained self-sufficiency in cassava and yam and so we know we can do it. We shall manufacture our own shoes and abandon the substandard fakes from Europe. We shall manufacture our own products from tomato paste to electricity meters. We shall build our own social networks and operating systems that are free from the agenda of the bourgeoisie. We shall organize our own world cup and Olympic games, and premier league filled with only players from our nation. Comrades, give us four years and we will teach our noble citizens the truth about the righteous path of self-sufficiency. The bourgeoisie will have us believe that our philosophy is faulty. Comrades, a lie told often enough becomes the truth. But we shall not be fooled. We shall crush the bourgeoisie between the millstones of taxation and inflation, and they shall descend into the glorious poverty that we the masses enjoy.

We have heard about the glorious success stories from the land of the founder of our philosophy, North Korea, constantly ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. We shall look up to Cuba, a proud and capable nation with wealth overflowing. Comrades, the East Germans should serve as shining example of our quest. Although the once great bastions of the people, the Soviet Union and China, have abandoned the philosophy, we shall persevere. They say the philosophy leads to poverty but poverty is only in the mind. Where they failed, we shall succeed. Long live the comrades. Long live the communist republic of Nigeria.

Nonso Obikili is an economist currently roaming somewhere between Nigeria and South Africa and tweets @nonso2. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s and do not reflect the views of his employers.