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Kid entrepreneurs premiere first kid reality TV show


Kid Entrepreneurs Premiere First Kid Reality TV Show.

On June 16, 2018, the Kid Entrepreneurs Centre and Filmhouse Production played hosted to over 300 guests at the premiere of the Kid Entrepreneurs Apprentice Show at Filmhouse IMAX Lekki.

The guests included parents, guardians, friends, young and old, including celebrities such as Lagos mums and Tara Fela Durotoye who graced the red carpet, where there was a meet-and-greet with the stars of the show.

Media houses were also present to interview the stars and cover the wonderful event.

This was not a Hollywood blockbuster nor was it a Nollywood Box office smasher, but a very educative and enlightening reality film production, and you won’t guess who the stars are; kids, and they are indeed stars.


Catch them young! – This is a popular phrase in our society, and some may even consider it a cliché.

However, it captures the essence of what the Kid Entrepreneurs centre intends to achieve in training young ones on how to be and become entrepreneurs.

The ‘young’ referred to here are not the ‘older youths’; they are children between the ages of 5 to 13 years who came to exhibit basics of business, manage funds, and make profit.

Kid Entrepreneurs Apprentice show is first of its kind reality television programme in which a group of young entrepreneurs compete against each other in a series of business-related challenge to multiply the seed fund of N50,000 given to them by the host of the show.

In this pilot episode of the show, the young entrepreneurs are being mentored by famous Nigerian business magnate Tara Fela Durotoye CEO House of Tara who teaches them the basics of how business works and what steps to take in order to achieve their given tasks on the show.

The show features their challenges, successes, decision making process and team spirit as they celebrate their wins and learn from their losses.

KID ENTREPRENEURS Apprentice show is powered by Kid Entrepreneurs Centre (KENT CENTRE), a British Council certified entrepreneurship development centre for kids aged 5 to 13 years in Nigeria.

The kids were divided in two groups: Team Boys and Team Girls. The two teams also had individual mentors to guide them through the business.

Each team had a seed capital of 50,000 naira given to them by the host of the show to start a business and multiply the seed fund. They had a limited time frame to purchase every necessary item and begin production.

The mission was now to sell the produced items and generate profit from the sales.

It was an interesting sight to see kids, who normally have no business with worrying about money and depend on their folks confidently pitch sales and convince strangers in buying their products.

Due credit must be given to the kids, or in the social media lingua ‘They deserve some accolades’.

The truth is, many adults cannot successfully do what these kids have accomplished.

They were trained in a short while to become entrepreneurs, marketers, team members, and also financially responsible, as decisions on what to buy and how to dispense the capital was totally at their discretion.


Aside from being in a competition with the other team, each group was striving to have the highest profit.

There was also the burden of making important decisions that may go a long way in determining whether they succeed or fail in the business venture.

There was so much tension among team members debating on decisions, talking to strangers and persuading them to buy their products.

The drive and passion in ensuring that each team was the best made it more interesting.

This is a must watch for everyone – especially parents and children. It is a video that should be seen by families, and can be used to encourage children to do more and expose them to the world of business and real life situations.

It is safe to say after watching the show that the project achieved more than the goals set out initially for it.

These children will go on in life with the confidence and boldness that they can be successful business magnates, and there is no time too early to start.

At the end of this viewing, Team Boys topped the competition with the highest profit.

The joy on the face of the kids knowing that the profit was theirs was priceless.

You really should see it!!! It’s still showing at Imax Cinemas, Lekki, Lagos.

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