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Momore Opemipo Nubi, 9-year-old crafter of accessories


Can we meet you?
My name is Momore Opemipo Nubi. I am nine years old and in Grade 5. I attend Crown Jewel Nursery and Primary School. My best colour is red and I love jollof rice. I love using my creative mind to create things. I love craftwork, especially things that can be worn as an accessory. I love visiting new places and learning new things.

What business or businesses do you do?
I currently run a craft shop called RM Crafts. At RM Crafts we make fashion accessories, using beads and locally sourced Ankara fabrics. Our products include, necklaces, brackets, Ankara brooches, and knitted items like bags, phone cases, pencil cases and purses.

How did you start your business?
I started at the age of six after my mum got me a knitting machine as a gift. I have always had interest in handcrafts like beads making and knitting. I used to create sample pieces for family and friends, which they loved. After seeing their reactions to what I created for them, I decided to make a business out of it.


What motivated you to go into beads making?
The major motivation behind the business is my love for handcrafts. I have a creative mind and I always enjoy expressing myself through artworks. I love to see what I have imagined and created worn by people. Also, I liked the fact that friends and family always want to pay me for the accessories because they find them nice.

I think I am just naturally interested in craftwork, but I get motivated each time I see fashion items at stores or in malls. Seeing these items, I always want to find out how they are made. My mum also downloads videos and pictures for me to see designs and trending fashion statement.

What is the aim and vision of your outfit?
At RM Crafts we are committed to making fashion accessories at very affordable prices, using locally sourced materials. Our vision also is to make people beautiful by allowing them imagine what they like, tell us and we make it for them. This makes every piece unique and beautiful.

Were you trained by a professional or self-trained?
I will say more of self-trained. I also learnt new ideas from being a member of the Brownie Club of my school. During the holidays my mum always ensures I am registered for craft workshops, which always helps to sharpen my ideas.

What do achieve with your business?
We are helping people look good without necessarily having to break the bank. The accessories we produce are affordable, so, we can reach out to more people than other luxury and expensive brands. We source our materials such as the beads and Ankara locally. This is our own way of supporting local businesses.

As a young girl, how do you manage schooling and business?
Well, the fact that it is something I enjoy doing makes it easy for me to combine both business and schooling together. Like I said earlier, the passion came out of a hobby I picked at an earlier age. Also, I take time out on weekends and holidays to work on my crafts.

How do you see yourself, a company or an innocent girl with passion for business?
Right now, I am just an innocent girl who is passionate about her crafts. But, I see myself having a company in future after I improving my skills through professional training.

Who are your target audience?
My target audiences are mainly kids between ages 1-16 as well as adults who love wearing beads, love hair and clothes accessories made from Ankara fabric and anyone who generally loves fashion.

Have you ever made money from any of your businesses?
Yes, I have made some money from my business a couple of time. Once, I made N1,500 from a knitted bag I sold to my mummy’s friend. Also, I have made about N5,000 from the sales of the beads. Majorly, I give the items out as gifts to my aunties and in return I get much more money than selling them.

Where and how did you get your customers?
It started off at our home when my aunty decided to pay for one of my products. After that I started selling to neighbours, mum’s co-workers and friends. My dad also wears my hand bracelet for men and I have also had orders from his friends. What makes your brand stand out from others?

I put my whole heart into it and every item I make is unique on its own. Also, I ensure that each of my material is sourced locally. Another beautiful thing is I can make accessories based on the need of a client, using their fabric, which usually make them happy and satisfied.
When you see super-awesome kids doing wonders in their different fields, do you feel motivated to do more?

I always love seeing fellow creative-kids. I feel it is awesome! Everyone is talented and it is always nice to see different kind of talents. It pushes me to do more and to be better at what I am.

What are your work tools?
Needle and thread, scissors, gum, tape measure, knitting machine, wool, beads, stoppers and fabrics.

Which tool are you looking forward to having?
I am looking forward to having a sewing machine; it would help give better finishing to my works.


Were you at any point discouraged by your parents, siblings or pressure from schoolwork?
Not at all! As a matter of fact, my parents were always eager for me to discover more things about myself and the things I love. I also have a very encouraging aunty who loves crafts too and is always checking up on me and pushing me to create more things.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself being in secondary school, following the science path because I want to be a medical doctor. I, also, see myself becoming an expert in my crafts and becoming a known brand in Nigeria.

What other things are you skilled at doing?
Baking and making smoothies.

Have you any advice for kids with potentials out there?
Never give up on your dreams. Keep working hard and don’t ever be discouraged. When you make mistakes, learn from them and become better.

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