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Ogonifunoluwa Layode 9-year-old CEO of Inumidun Delicacies explains her jollof rice expertise


My name is Ogonifunoluwa Layode. I am 9 years old. I am the CEO of Inumidun Delicacies, a company that does array of dishes, just name it! The journey started since when I was much younger. I’ve always loved getting people happy and fulfilled through food. Knowing the essence of good food in human diet, I decided to start business, preparing good food for people.

I have so much energy that I can hardly keep still at home (I have no latent moment); and I try my hands at everything from ballet to art to playing the violin to knitting and naturally like my mum, to cooking.

A lot is being done to train me in the way to go, helping me harness my skills so that the energy is properly channelled to enable me produce masterpieces. In December 2017, I was registered for the Kid Entrepreneurs fair in Lekki, where my company was debuted — Inumidun Delicacies. Interestingly, Inumidun, which is one of my Yoruba names, translates literally to “my stomach is happy” and imagine what happens when you eat the food.


For the fair, I opted to cook the real Jollof rice served with either boiled or fried eggs. I sold all my packs of rice! Remember I told you good food is super essential in human’s diet. Whilst on site, I made sandwiches for those who wanted a meal other than rice.

Unfortunately at the KENT fair, records of my sales were not kept to ascertain how much profit was made. To counter that problem from rearing its head in future ventures, I was registered for the ‘My Business adventure’ class during my Easter holidays, which targets at learning life-skills that will be needed in business venture. I learnt that you sell with an objective (to make profit). Not only was I taught the principles of making profit, but also the principles of team work.

At the class, I paired with another budding chef, and together we incorporated an outfit dubbed ‘FEEGO’s DELIS’. During our market tour, we bought the ingredients needed for jollof rice from the capital given by our parents. We really made a perfect team! The plan was to sell and return the money invested on us and have our profit. Interestingly, I didn’t need to go a metre away to get them sold. I SOLD OUT again inside that class to coaches and guardians of other children. Remember I told you good food is super essential in human’s diet.

You can’t quantify how elated I was when it was revealed to me that I had made back the capital in few blinks and that I even had enough profit that so much wowed me.

This is my advice to young ones like me: Children should save and also try to join a club that will help them spark up their potentials. Children please tell your parents to help you start a business that you love doing. Remember you don’t necessarily need to start big. Start now so that you can have enough time to correct your mistakes.

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