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Our customers enjoy technology, innovation, not just better pricing — Xiaomi Sales Manager

By Opeyemi Babalola
27 February 2022   |   4:02 am
The Nigerian market is the place to be on the continent. It is not surprising that many organisations looking for ways to enter the African market often pitch their tents with the Nigerian market.

The Nigerian market is the place to be on the continent. It is not surprising that many organisations looking for ways to enter the African market often pitch their tents with the Nigerian market. Owing to this, Xiaomi, a foremost smartphone company with headquarters in Beijing, China, three years ago, opened shop in the country. In a chat with OPEYEMI BABALOLA, Xingyu Yang, the company’s Sales Manager, spoke on the Nigerian market and its new offering.

Can you give an insight into your company’s entry into Africa?
The story of Xiaomi’s journey into the Nigeria’s market has been an interesting one. The company officially entered the Nigerian market three years ago and has recorded massive success with the Redmi Notes line. It has been a journey of smiles and satisfaction from lots of Nigerians. We are currently in the fourth year, and Xiaomi is already number three in this market. Redmi Note II Series has been well accepted worldwide. Globally, we have sold over 240 million units of the Redmi Note Series. That means there is a big community of people enjoying the product.

According to data, shipment of smartphones into the African market in 2021 was about 90 million units. This figure is 30 per cent higher than the 2020 shipment. We attach great importance to the African market, especially the Nigerian market because of its continual expansion. From our survey, the Nigerian market takes about 12 per cent market share of total goods imported into the continent.

So how does your company see the Nigerian market?
We love the Nigerian market since the consumers are very passionate and unique. They enjoy the technology and innovation we offer, not just the price.

You launched Redmi Note II Series into the Nigerian market, what informed this?
We brought the Redmi Note II Series to the Nigerian consumers because it meets their tastes and experience. The series comes in three variants, Redmi Note II Pro, Redmi Note IIS, and Redmi Note II. Redmi Note II Pro and Redmi Note IIS come in three variants — 6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB and 8GB+128GB. While Redmi Note II comes in three variants — 4GB+64GB, 4GB+128GB and 6GB+128GB. The price for Redmi Note 11 Pro starts from N147,000; Redmi Note 11S price starts from N125,500 while the price for Redmi Note 11 starts from N99,700.
Actually, this Redmi Note 11 series was launched as part of our commitment to design a very exceptional product that we have the revolutionary innovation for the industry to keep improving the technology.

What is innovative about the new offering?
In terms of camera features, the 108MP camera has a 9-in-1 camera that combines 9 small pixels into 1 Super Pixel and achieves a bigger size of the Super Pixel, which not only improves the image quality in low light conditions but also improve the captured speed. As for price offerings, our costs are accessible to our audiences. For Redmi Note 11 Pro, we provide upgrades in charging speeds (from 33W to 67W), the device is an all-round contender at this price range.

Talking about charging speed, the series supports fast charging. The large 5,000mAh capacity battery should offer enough power for daily usage. Plus for Redmi Note 11 Pro, it supports 67W turbocharging, while for Redmi Note 11S and Redmi Note 11 it supports 33W Pro fast charging, which are all efficient for daily charging scenarios.

Concerning display, Redmi Note 11 Pro features 6.67” FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay, Redmi Note 11S, and Redmi Note 11 feature a more compact 6.43” FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay.

While the highlight of designs includes a trendy flat-edge design, featuring a matte finish that not only resists fingerprints but also gives off a smooth texture and luxurious feel.

How do you plan to get the product to the communities?
They are available in all smartphone stores nationwide. Our consumers can walk into any retail store and buy Xiaomi products for a better experience. We also sell on online channels, including Konga, Jumia, and others. Buyers can place the order and receive the product at home.

What are the after-sales services plans?
For Xiaomi products, we already have centers nationwide that help provide the service to consumers. But for Redmi Note 11 Series especially, we have six months screen guarantee, which means that Xiaomi can fix the broken screens for the customers for free within six months.

How are Nigerians receptive to Xiaomi products?
Nigerian customers love our products. We offer a very innovative product at a reasonable price. We not only sell products, but we also have an emotional connection with the consumer. We have community engagement, brand ambassadors, abundant activities, and interactions with our consumers.