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Raegan Chimara Brown: 12-year-old maker of Slime

Raegan Chimara Brown thinks so. She is the 12-year-old Nigerian-American CEO and creator of Rae’s Slime Bar that boasts of several employees. She is also the social media manager...

Can Slime Change the World?
Raegan Chimara Brown thinks so. She is the 12-year-old Nigerian-American CEO and creator of Rae’s Slime Bar that boasts of several employees. She is also the social media manager of The Boardwalk Event Centre, a premiere event centre on Victoria Island.

“It’s just fun, fluffy, and cool,” she said. “And I discovered through social media that I am not the only one who thinks so. I saw kids all over the world, not only liking slime, but also making money doing it. So, why not me,” said Raegan on why she loves slime and how she chose it as a business.

Raegan first started showing a liking to slime as an 11-year-old. She usually purchased silly putty and goo from her local store, but it wasn’t the same type of slime she saw on the YouTube videos she watched. In the videos, she loved how it stretched, the type of slime you could make, and the incredible colours.

“So, II thought to myself, ‘If I want to experience this, I have to figure out how to do it, right? The possibilities are literally endless. You can create anything, absolutely anything you want, and this was what I wanted to experience,” she said.

Raegan loves to sing, act and model in her free time. She won the second place at the St. Saviours Talent Show with such celebrity judges as DJ Cuppy and Mayorkun, and received a distinction on her LAMDA acting exam.

It is safe to say the creativity slime allows is very attractive to a curious, creative, and tenacious 12-year-old. And judging by the incredible success of her business, Rae’s Slime Bar, slime attracts so many other creative kids in Nigeria, as well.

However, Raegan’s first attempt at slime wasn’t a “slime-dunk.” She went to different craft stores to purchase materials to experiment and create her own recipes. “Some attempts to create the perfect recipe were epic fails. But you have to keep trying and not give up,” she said.

Finally, when she felt her recipe was perfected, she sold it to her friends for a small amount. She was then inspired to finally open her first Instagram account. She uploaded videos of her playing with slime inspired by her favourite slime shops. After a few months of uploading videos, there were no sales.

Raegan began to think about what else she could do to make her slime business commercially viable, and up came slime parties. So, she changed her name on Instagram to @RaeSlimeBar and used her graphic design skills to create her own logo with her favourite colour— orange. She began to post pictures of slime parties and graphics for her business.

Soon after, she held her first slime party in Victoria Island. Her mother and brother were the first employees of Rae’s Slime Bar, and were eager to help out with her first party. Rae’s Slime Bar needed to provide everything each kid needs to make slime. She needed to account for spills and accidents. She needed to think through broken sticks, leaky containers, and sticky hands. She needed to think through how to organise the tool trays to make reaching for things easy for little hands. She needed to provide containers, smocks, and even thought of how to brand the party, all the while making the child’s party look and feel customised and stylish too.

“We took so many trips to the store, calculating every popsicle stick, and glue per ounce. It was funny. There was so much math!,” she recalled.

The first party was a great success.

“It was a great experience working with kids. I was a little nervous, but the kids just loved it, and that made my job so much fun,” she said.

Raegan invested the profit from the first party back into her business by buying more slime materials for future slime parties. Her mother, who is also an entrepreneur, taught her how to write invoices for clients, make phone calls, and send business emails. In the first few months of opening Rae’s Slime Bar, Raegan made about N1m, hired several staff, and is currently working on major collaborations and merchandise, such as Slime Kits. Rae’s Slime Bar is known to sell the best slime kits and slime in Nigeria.

Raegan is being homeschooled, and her parents provided an incredible support system for her business and taught her about marketing, business, and selling products. They also taught her about how to create a healthy balance between business and fun. Homeschooling allows her the time, freedom and flexibility to be creative; to think and run a successful business that has several employees.

Raegan loves that she is a 12-year-old employer. “I just love that I am able to do something that improves the lives of others. That is what it is all about— helping people and providing opportunities,” she said.

The future is bright for this young, vibrant CEO and Rae’s Slime Bar. Raegan’s vision for her company is to be the most well-known slime party company in Lagos. She also wants to start her own slime workshop, and create the first slime bash in Lagos. She would like to follow her father’s footsteps and attend Harvard University. “They make leaders and world-changers, and that is what I want to be,” she said.

Her advice to other kids, hoping to start their own business is: “It takes a lot of work and time to start your business. You need to be able to manage your time, business, school and other activities.”

Raegan chose to hire more staff to take on new clients, so she could have time for use for other hobbies, such as acting and singing, hanging out with her brothers, or to just be a party attendee and not just the host. “You also need to manage your money wisely, and not spend it all on an iPhone X, or an expensive car. Think about your materials also, and what you business actually needs,” she explained.
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