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Rep calls for resuscitation of moribund assets


Lazarus Ogbe

Lazarus Ogbe

A federal Lawmaker from Ebonyi State, Lazarus Ogbe has argued that instead of selling national assets, the Federal Government should resuscitate the moribund ones and make them functional.

Ogbe, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lawmaker who represents Ikwo/Ezza South Federal constituency in the House of Representative in a chat with journalists in Abakaliki yesterday insisted that such moves will not solve the economic recession the country have found itself.

He advised that rather than sale the performing assets, the federal government should rather resuscitate the moribund ones like the Ajaokuta steel company.

“I am vehemently against the sale of National Assets because of the economic recession and I will continue to lend my words against that because it will not help the situation, rather we should reinvigorate and resuscitate our assets that are moribund. We should resuscitate Ajaokuta steel industry and every other National Assets that are not working today. It is a way of revamping the economy and helping our youths to get jobs”.

“The government should not even mention the sale of our National Assets to the hearing of anyone. There are so many other thing they should think about to revamp the economy and ameliorate the sufferings of the people. They will even be abysmally sinking the country by selling our National Assets”.

On the Presidency’s proposed emmergency powers to fix the economy, the lawmaker said such powers will be abused by the presiency and called on his colleagues in the national assembly to oppose it.

He said the Presidency already have enough powers and seeking for more will amount to abusing the democratic process.“My position is that I will oppose it and I will canvass for people to oppose it. The powers the President has today are enough to turn around the economy of the country and move it forward and not to seek for other powers that will make him a Nebucadenezer”

“We are talking about democracy, it is not kakiocracy, it is oligarchy that we are seeing. This is democracy where people must have to voice out all they feel about their government, they must be part of their government, not a situation one man will seat one place and then order what should be done. It is not a military regime, it is democracy and if the President of the country seeks for more powers, we will resist him”.

“I personally will resist him by voting against it and will mobilize my colleagues against it. The powers of the President today is well enough today to take care of the leadership of the country till the expiration of his tenure, he should not seek for more powers”.

“What if we give him more powers and he wakes up tomorrow to sack the National Assembly; the Senate and House of Reps and further sack the governors and do further things that will be in line with what his mind is telling him to do. We should rather be praying for him so as to deliver on the mandate and bring the change he promised Nigerians”.

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