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Reps okay N241.5 billion FCT 2016 budget

By Adamu Abuh, Abuja
19 July 2016   |   1:00 am
The House of Representatives has approved the sum of N241, 455,285,471 for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for 2016 fiscal year.Of the amount, the sum of N52, 982,280,360 is for personnel costs...


The House of Representatives has approved the sum of N241, 455,285,471 for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for 2016 fiscal year.Of the amount, the sum of N52, 982,280,360 is for personnel costs; the sum of N34, 388,260,823 is for overhead, while the balance of N154, 084,744,288 is for capital expenditure.
The budget was passed following the approval of the report of the Committees on FCT and FCT Area Councils and Ancillary Matters presented by Herman Hembe.

The FCT Minister and Director of Treasury Federal were also mandated to furnish the National Assembly with the status of the records of the FCT Statutory Accounts on quarterly basis immediately upon the coming into force of the Act.

Breakdown of the capital component of the budget showed that FCDA Engineering Services get N70, 596,313,220; satellite towns development agency (STDA) gets N21.754 billion; FCT administration gets N2, 767,750,001; FCT Water Board gets N1, 354,024,237; Abuja Environmental Protection Board gets N1, 065,024,237; Public Buildings gets N12, 393,559,931 while Resettlement and Compensation Department gets N3, 469,216,002.

Also, FCT Treasury gets N1.245 billion; Land Administration Department gets N474 million; FCT Directorate of Muslim Pilgrims Affairs gets N266, 363,895 while FCT Directorate of Christian Pilgrims Affairs gets N160, 909,264.

Similarly, Urban and Regional Planning gets N257, 882,516; Survey and Mapping gets N721, 874,377; Mass Housing Department gets N72, 411,442; FCDA Procurement Department gets N43, 685,000; Engineering Design gets N1, 524,978,162; FCT Legal Secretariat gets N34, 351,055 while Area Council Secretariat gets N69, 467,875.

Area Councils Service Commission gets N69, 500,095; Transport Secretariat gets N79, 995,646; Road Traffic Services gets N417, 840,185; Bus Rapid Transit and Transport Regulations gets N614, 227,206; Department of Traffic Management gets N729, 462,352; Department of Transportation gets N15, 530,168,440; Education Secretariat gets N1.325 billion; Agency for Mass Education gets N123, 090,700; FCT Education Resource Centre gets N111, 710,402; FCT Universal Basic Education gets N1, 610,712,127; FCT Secondary Education Board gets N899,453,500; FCT College of Education, Zuba gets N325,241,867; FCT Agency for Science and Technology gets N1,886,493,908 while FCT Scholarship Board gets N98,236,280.

The FCT HHS Secretariat gets N1, 490,543,480; School of Nursing and Midwifery gets N98, 472,560; Public Health Department gets N27, 079,954; Health Planning Research and Statistics gets N80, 934,374; Health Management Board gets N1, 176,389,197; Primary Healthcare Development Board gets N1, 257,438,511; Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat gets N904, 390,072; FCT Agric Development Project gets N160, 566,668; Department of Agric gets N60, 689,875; Social Development Secretariat gets N119,027,509; Welfare Department gets N53,434,486 while Sports Department gets N314,211,568.

The FCT Tourism Department gets N40, 197,674; Gender Development Department gets N438, 366,135; Arts and Culture gets N57,845,434; Youth Department gets N78,434,486; Abuja Metropolitan Management Council gets N209,659,669; Parks and Recreation gets N163,913,162; Facilities Maintenance and Management gets N1,861,832,536; FCT Urban Affairs gets N45,728,020; Development Control Department gets N275,000,649; Abuja Geographic Information Systems gets N196,234,424; Department of Fire Service gets N962,136,958; Department of Disaster Forecasting, Response and Mitigation gets N653,772,873 while Department of Relief and Rehabilitation gets N120,214,664.

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