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Sam Enrico Williams: From London to the world of blockchain


Sam Enrico Williams founder Zloadr and DocTailor

While growing up, if Sam Enrico Williams had known that his mum’s kitchen will be his instrument to being a multi-millionaire by designing one of the world leading cryptocurrencies with his twin brother, he would have
stayed more in the kitchen.

Born in the UK on September 15, 1979, Sam and his identical twin brother Steve Nico overcame all challenges to make a wave for themselves by being top businessmen in the United Kingdom. Their mum, a chef and their dad an accountant, left their homeland Nigeria in the seventies in search of greener pasture in Britain.

Sam grew up in a very tough community in South East London. Sam and his brother were exposed to a lot of violence and discrimination. Sam who spent most mornings waking up on the family’s parlor couch due to insufficient space in their home got involved with local gangs as a means to stop themselves from being victimized by other gangs in surrounding areas.

Sam attended Crofton Comprehensive School in Lewisham now named Prendergast Ladywell School where he studied Advanced Business.

While in school, Sam was good with the computer, which influenced his proficiency in computer programming at the school’s sixth form.

After leaving school, Sam and his twin brother started various businessessuch as a magazine company called Tramp Magazine (lifestyle) before furthering researches on financial markets which led him to the industry
of cryptocurrency.

Sam created crypto coins Zloadr in 2015 and DocTailor, aimed at legal professionals in 2018.

Zloadr, which was set up to as a means for a content creator to earn revenue for materials they produced, quickly turned into a p2p exchange with just under a thousand cryptocurrencies available for trading.

DocTailor, the platform he launched as an escrow service for legal professionals is aimed at presenting users with automated solutions to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract or agreement.

Sam’s new innovation Doctailor also contribute to the ability to move money around the world and to conduct transactions between different currencies quickly and securely.

The DocTailor platform initially launched with 500 million DOCT’s, later burning 63 million.

Since it was created in 2018, DOCT has become the primary payment method in the Zloadr’s directory division that is aimed at allowing businesses to accept crypto payments, while ZDR token is used on Zloadr as it’s main utility token.

Apart from the cryptocurrency business, Sam’s other investments include a stake in a few London businesses.

Although Sam is still focused on creating platforms that offer seamless services to people in the block chain, he is also a partner at Knight Capital, a private equity and asset management firm focusing on building commercially viable solutions, services, and products

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