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Six ways entrepreneurs can stay mentally healthy


Mental health continues to be an important issue of discussion.

Last month in May was observed globally as a mental health month when mental awareness is intensified, which is necessary considering the global statistic on the frequency and cost of dealing with mental stress.

Even those who are successful are not immune to dealing with mental health issues.


Many entrepreneurs spend their time at work, which can be a major source of stress for them.

For instance, managing crazy deadlines, an unhealthy work environment, routine tasks, etc. may aggravate other pressures from financial worries, health challenges and family problems.

Mental stress, even though may have some positive results (when it forces you to close up on a project), may perhaps affect productivity.

And, once severe will lead to personality disorders, depression and physical cognitive malfunctions.

One may not be able to control most of these stress sources, however, here are some of the most effective ways one can stay mentally sane.

Stay fit and healthy: Being mindful of our nutrition will not only favour our bodies, there are other positive effects the mind can gain.

Healthy eating boosts energy levels.

Foods rich in fiber is said to make one feel great and lift off mood swings, while foods containing refined sugars even though give instant energy but often times will leave you tired.

The key is eating the right foods regularly and in moderation, knowing what to avoid. Also make a conscious effort to exercise daily.

Use the staircase instead of the lift. You will gain a clear state of mind and an overall wellbeing when you incorporate these little lifestyle changes.

Journal often: Think journaling, think being able to bare your experiences, raw thoughts even your deepest feelings in the comfort of your diary. Journaling causes you to just release.

And, as often as you do, the better understanding you will have of yourself as you build emotional intelligence.

Psychologists agree that journaling correctly helps one to recover themselves hence enhancing productivity because you mentally shut out from work and focus on yourself for a few minutes.


Nurture your relationships: Having people to go through life with is very necessary. Sharing laughter with loved ones relieves tension.

On the flip side, listening to other people share their struggles may reduce the chance of slipping into depression as you will be forced you to stay grateful even as you consciously redirect your thoughts to every other good events in your life.

Engage in activities that make you happy: Create time to engage in activities you find joy in.

Whether it is doing more volunteering work or following through on your own side interests, you will find that you are happier, self-confident, less stressed and discharge so much positive energy

Take breaks: Form the habit of taking short breaks at work and long ones when due. As much as you can, try not to work while at it.

Taking breaks helps you stay on track and keeps your creative juices flowing especially during situations of very long tasks and short deadlines.

The little interruption happens to be the best time smart ideas and fresher perspectives emerge, making for increased efficiency.

Seek Medical help: It’s always best to seek professional attention even if you do not have any explicit mental condition.

If acute disorders are detected early there will be less chances of their worsening.

So, the next time you notice an unusual change in the way you process your emotions, rather than self-medicate, seeking medical help may be the best option for you.

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