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‘The Nigerian business space is fast evolving’


Chris Omoijiade is a business and personal development consultant. A public speaker, innovative consultant, coach, mentorship and media content creator. The Chief Executive Officer of The Chris Omoijiade Company formerly Attrium Consultants, operates on a vision of youth empowerment, leadership and mentorship. He holds an LL. B degree from the University of Lagos; a Master of Laws (LLM) in Telecommunication and Maritime Law from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom and over 14 years worth of experience across entrepreneurship, law, professional public speaking, business mentorship and consultancy. Omoijiade shares in this interview his passion for helping businesses optimise and strategize for profit, growth and sustainability.


Tell us about your passion for business and personal development. Why did you venture into that space considering your background in Law?
Well, I fall into the category of those who actually were not coerced into studying something and ventured into another strange unrelated area. I love the law and it serves as a perfect foundation for anything you desire to build on it. One of the greatest gifts the profession afforded me is the ability to use my voice to trigger change in people’s lives and their businesses. My strong passion for business development was also as a result of seeds that were sown from early days, I had the unique opportunity of tasting the world of business that many peers of mine had to wait till after graduation to experience. I started off selling sweets in my Junior school and by my University I was jointly running my family owned chain of fast food restaurants with education, it was during this foray whilst swimming with sharks, that I started noticing the great challenges business owners faced to thrive. This led to quite a number of interventions I made on businesses of family and friends, leading to appearances on panels, training jobs for a number of organisations trying to empower their work force. The area of personal development for individuals came almost naturally, because for you to succeed at running any enterprise, you must first run YOU Incorporated, you must continually build the requisite skills and emotions needed to be a strong individual to deliver on your business goals. So my venturing into this space happened almost effortlessly even though I miss full time legal practice, I have found my ‘why’ and the discovery of that makes all the difference in the world


How has your background in telecommunications and maritime law aided your work with positioning businesses?
So I had my LLM at the University of Hertfordshire UK and at the time the telecommunications market was still at its infant years and also the maritime industry which is vital to any major economy, at the time I understood that those twin pillars were vital to the Nigerian Economy in particular. My schooling opportunity enabled me see how major brands enter markets and also how smaller players scale up by making their mark: the knowledge of these is not lost in its application to businesses we train and consult for to ensure they are able to take advantage and watch out for various economic, social, political variables that guarantee business success

With well over a decade experience in entrepreneurship, public speaking, business mentorship and consultancy, what is your take on evolution of businesses and appreciation of your service?
The Nigerian business space is fast evolving, for one no nation is an island on to itself, therefore happenings in other business climates have their ripple effects globally. Over the past decade there has been an exponential appreciation of our value proposition as a brand. I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of individuals globally and also consult and train various banks, small and medium scale businesses that recognise the need for an outside perspective to approach their workforce and business hurdles. While we do know the knowledge industry in Nigeria compared to other countries is still coming up, there is still room for improvement for business owners to take advantage of so many experts in diverse spaces that are giving value to individuals and improving the bottom line of organisations.


In your years of experience working with young people, what do you consider their biggest challenge?
I would say it is that of a bias called Hyperbolic Discounting which quite simply means many people value the immediacy of time over the higher value of money, which leads to self- sabotage. We live in a microwave age where everything happens at the snap of a finger, click of a button, but life is not structured or built to run at such speed, a number of young people have been led down to the dangerous alley called NOW. Rather than understand the need and advantages of bidding their time, the experience and passage of time strengthening their bones and wisdom, but unfortunately desire to wake up to all they desire overnight is one of the biggest challenges today’s youth face.

Leadership and mentorship are two critical aspects of society key to growth and development, how would you access your impact to nation building?
In my humble approach we constantly service hundreds of young people, through involvement in volunteering and mentoring activities, I make it a point of duty to honour almost every event that is organised by young individuals and educational institutions. It is a long term goal to understand that we must catch the future ones now, by sowing seeds that can be nurtured and which will bloom in adulthood, after all it is easier to fix a broken child than mend a broken adult; so leadership and mentorship in any capacity is important and dear to my heart and that of my organisation, the Chris Omoijiade Company.

Who is your target market?
I would say individuals trying to make sense of their why and also businesses that require a major paradigm shift in their operations and reenergising their workforce. We are blessed to work with tons of individuals yearly through platforms of webinars, classes, coaching and for businesses through executive coaching, training and consulting


You wrote a book titled ‘Get Ahead’, tell us about its significance?
Get Ahead is my first official printed book, I have quite a number of other ebooks and it is described as the Passport of Success. It is the culmination of over three years of research, told in a story like manner of successful figures from diverse industries, from every generation. Get Ahead, will take you on a roller coaster ride from movies, religion, business, history, politics all with a goal to enable the reader define success on his or her own terms. The book was released in 2019 and was met with amazing reviewed and currently we have sold in almost 15 countries and available on every major book platform internationally. We are also confident about its impact that we actually offered a money back guarantee something not previously done by a Nigerian author. The Get Ahead book both in hard and soft copies, along with other audio products and ebooks are presently available on TCOC website store and if internationally also on Amazon.


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