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What is the future of banking?


Most people, especially Nigerians must have thought the future of banking arrived with the invention of the bank card and the ATM. Finally, they could get money out whenever they wanted without the perceived tediousness of human interaction and the waiting that often comes with it.

But ‘instant’ doesn’t always work as advertised, and soon, the queues started showing up again, this time right outside banking halls.

Not exactly back to square one, but they were not as far from the stone age as they had thought.

These days, a lot is done with banking apps, from paying bills to buying airtime.

The world is also experimenting with ‘mysterious’ things like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and everyone is wondering if this is what the future of banking looks like.

Not necessarily.

The future of banking isn’t about whose gadget is the shiniest or about judging the importance of a so-called innovation by the complexity of its name. It’s not about forms of payment or apps.

No, way.

Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, ALAT believes the true future of banking is about fitting in and thinking ahead.

Fitting into various lifestyles so well that the presence of the digital bank syncs perfectly to all aspects of every Nigerian’s daily life while their success is powered up from the background.

ALAT strongly believes the future of banking lies in thinking ahead of their customers’ goals, their ‘next big thing’ and what they should be doing with their money.

The digital bank, owned by Wema, holds the notion that the future of banking is about being proactive instead of waiting for things to go wrong in life before making moves to fix things.

ALAT, which recently won two (2) awards at the prestigious World Finance Awards 2017, has clearly shown that, with every step, they’re getting closer to making banking as flexible as the working hours of a freelancer, as sincere as a child’s hug and as open as the sky.

For them, banking should be as basic as breathing or can be a true democracy where everyone has the power to control their finances.

With each day that comes, ALAT, which in less than a year, has achieved so much while steadily winning the hearts of Nigerians, is working towards their vision of the future of banking – from faster response rate and one-of-a-kind customer service to quality communication flow void of miscomprehension.

According to ALAT, the future of banking is already here, so why not join them?

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