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20 Oct 2021
Recent findings by McKinsey shows that many organizations are experiencing one or more failure modes as part of their cloud journey. The reason for these failures were attributed to lack of flexibility and cost optimisation benefits despite migrating to public cloud platforms, and chaotic on-premise cloud environments leading to security risks. As organizations continue to…
14 Oct 2021
The lightning network could be a second-layer innovation connected to Bitcoin, which employs micropayment chains to make strides in the capacity to perform exchanges. Transactions in lightning systems are quicker, cheaper, and easier to validate than those carried out directly on the bitcoin blockchain (i.e., on-chain). The lightning network built into the decongestion of the…
11 Oct 2021
In the last twenty years, eCommerce companies saw a huge boom, it changed the way the customers’ shop and people do business. One key factor that contributed to this boom includes digital payment which is immensely supported by many governments across the globe. Both eCommerce companies and digital payment were recommended during the pandemic. What…
1 Oct 2021
The crisis of 2020 led to the fact that many countries lowered the refinancing rate in order to provide their economies with cheaper loans. The economy needs money, cheap and affordable loans. All this has led to the fact that even countries with negative refinancing rates have appeared. Negative rates mean free loans. However, negative…
15 Sep 2021
Forex trading is one of the most popular forms of investment in Africa, especially amongst young people. It is relatively low-cost, available 24 hours a day, and can be accessed from both mobile devices and computers. Anyone with a mobile phone and 10 dollars to spare can get involved. But Forex trading is high-risk speculation…
14 Sep 2021
Confusion is education’s obvious counterpart. To uphold the latter, the global Forex broker OctaFX presents the main differences between its own financial service domain and the one its colleagues from binary options are offering. The confusion between two particular financial spheres still appears to be running rampant: Binary options and Foreign Exchange. One cannot mention…
25 Aug 2021
From the standpoint of technological adaptability, Millennials are among the groups which were able to adjust the most in a brief period of time—a time that is torn and accelerated anew by paradigm shifts all over the board. The older ones (born between 1980–1993) received insights from the preceding generations and accommodated to the best…
8 Aug 2021
Lagos State is adjudged the smallest state in the country by landmass, lacking the large tracts of land available to other states for cultivation of crops and agriculture.
31 Jul 2021
The year 2021 signposts the tenth anniversary of global broker, OctaFX. There is no denying that this Forex player is already a seasoned veteran and industry leader in many regions and countries including Nigeria, successfully competing with both local and global companies. Such a milestone in a company’s life is an excellent occasion to look…
26 Jul 2021
Let’s be honest, we do not adore those African traditional movies anymore. The ones where coronation ceremonies are held; where the king will be forced to drink one or two concoctions, perform some ritual rites and then finally sit on his throne and have people sing great songs to him. While some of us have…
23 Jul 2021
World Finance magazine, a leading global financial publication, has proclaimed OctaFX the Best ECN Broker for the second time in as many years. According to World Finance, while people have spent most of 2021 in lockdown, the increase in digital communications has been promising for the Forex industry. Brokers went out of their way to…
20 Jul 2021
Maybe you’ve heard people talk about Bitcoin exchanges. And this could have prompted you to search for crypto exchanges to learn more about them. Well, a Bitcoin exchange is a cryptocurrency marketplace. It’s a platform where people purchase and sell virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin exist electronically. That means you won’t carry Bitcoin in your…


2 hours ago
Mr Yakubu Lawal, Nasarawa State Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism that was abducted by gunmen has regained freedom.
3 hours ago
A man was injured and a woman was in serious condition after a shooting in a shopping centre in southern Sweden on Friday, police said.
4 hours ago
South Africa's largest ethnic group, the Zulus, will on Saturday crown a new king following a year of feuding over who should ascend to the throne of the country's most influential traditional monarchy.
5 hours ago
NEW YORK, USA, 19 August 2022 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Countries should consider giving a second COVID-19 vaccine booster to older persons, pregnant women, health workers, people with weaker immune systems and those at higher risk of severe disease, experts appointed by the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.  The recommendation comes in a statement issued by the Strategic…
5 hours ago
Some civil servants in the South East have called for the reform of the National Housing Fund (NHF) to make the agency meet up its mandate of housing provision.