Monday, 26th September 2022
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Executive Briefs

8 Apr 2015
THE All Progressives Congress (APC), no doubt, can do with some euphoria, some victory dance in the aftermath of their victory in the March 28 presidential election.
8 Apr 2015
BEHIND us are the elections to the arms of government that are vested with authority to ordinarily shape the economy for the better.
1 Apr 2015
THE truth is that we cannot find solutions unless we bid within a common morality. Not a benign one for you and yours, and a pernicious one for others. Assuredly, we can change Nigeria into a liveable space of happy, unafraid, determined, free, loving and creative people instead of having a world that is flat, one-dimensional; a world of only one colour one kind of music, one religion or ideology, in which people have to act against their better selves in order to survive the debilities of so called market forces that have forces but no markets for jobs acceptable to honest citizens.
8 Aug 2008
THE World Bank Technical Assistance Mission under the Bayelsa State-World Bank Partnership, has commended the state government for preparing a mid-year budget execution report that comprehensively captured the fiscal developments and the short and medium-term strategy. The initiative was scripted to address the development of a new internal audit strategy, detailed chart of accounts and revised finance control and management Act.


1 day ago
Massive flooding on Sunday overran Ajaokuta-Ganaja-Lokoja road in Kogi which links the metropolis to the eastern part of the state.
1 day ago
The Lagos State Environmental Enforcement and Special Offences Unit impounded 150 motorcycles for violating traffic rules in the last one week.
1 day ago
Just as most beliefs, the Yoruba culture includes a world of myths, allegories, poetry and the love and wisdom of the Ifa divination system which helps to remind the Yoruba people of their past and customs that have survived through history and have helped shape their literature and religion as we know it today. Yoruba…
1 day ago
September 10 of every year is dedicated to preventing suicide in our society. The 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day theme is “Creating Hope through Action.” The World Health Organization estimates that about 703,000 people die from suicide every year. That translates to about one suicide death every 44 seconds and 1,926 deaths every day. The…
1 day ago
Police Service Commission (PSC) has extended the closure of its recruitment portal for the 2022 batch of constables in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) by one month.