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17 Apr 2015
ENDING the AIDS epidemic and extreme poverty is within our power says Michele Sidibe, the Executive Director of UNAIDS. “Our efforts will contribute to a global movement working to ensure that every person realize their right to quality health care and be free from poverty and discrimination.
15 Apr 2015
IT became operational in Nigeria for the first time like elsewhere in some other African countries.  The women situation room was on ground for ten days to observe the pre-elections, elections and post-election period.  It has been done in Liberia, Senegal, Sierra-Leone and most recently Kenya.   The room was designed to observe what went on…
14 Apr 2015
TREATMENT AS PREVENTION A LARGE randomised study of treatment as prevention has closed more than three years early after interim analysis of the data showed that antiretroviral treatment reduced the risk of HIV transmission from treated partner to uninfected partner by 96%.
13 Apr 2015
IF reining in armed robbers and other criminals has proved difficult, the war against sea pirates and oil thieves can best be described as doubly difficult. While the former count their criminal proceeds in millions, the latter’s single haul could be in billions, enough to bring down a nation to its knees economically.
7 Apr 2015
Community campaigns, including those that provide screening or prevention services for multiple diseases, have proven effective in Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia. Further efforts are required to normalize HIV testing in health care settings.
6 Apr 2015
Times were in the past when the voice of labour movement resonated across the length and breadth of the country. It was regarded as a veritable check on government excesses. Even when opposition was fragmented and weak, the labour movement, in coalition with the society filled in the gap effectively.
6 Apr 2015
IT is bad enough for Nigerians to contend with importers of fake and substandard products from Asia, but how do one explain internal exploitation by goods and service providers in our own country. This had been the case over the years in the country. Consumers are treated with disdain; good covered by warrantee develops fault and…
2 Apr 2015
LET me note at this point that there have been very strong opinions expressed by strong-voiced Nigerians about how prepared the President and the country was for such a conference. Even if it is very much conceded that the President had problems personal and national that he had to contend with, there is good testimony to the fact that he was meticulous and highly skilled in preparing for it.
2 Apr 2015
In Nigeria, it is compulsory to have motor insurance before using or keeping a motor vehicle on public roads. However, since most Nigerians buy insurance just to get cleared from law enforcement agents on the roads, they choose to go for third party motor insurance which is a lot cheaper than comprehensive policy.
31 Mar 2015
THERE may be no end in sight yet over agitations for work benefits in the Lagos civil service. Of particular concern for the workers in the last three years, is the contentious issue of leave allowance that was allegedly scrapped with the introduction of Consolidated Salary Scale in 2011.
31 Mar 2015
IT is a pleasure I will always cherish, that when Professor Friday Okonofua thought of someone to deliver the Third Annual Dr. Abel Guobadia Memorial lecture, I was the one he approached. I am an admirer of the prowess he has displayed in the health sector, and have loved every opportunity to identify with and celebrate the four-square groundedness of his establishment of the Women’s Health and Action Research Centre in Benin City. Womens’ Health is the health of society.
30 Mar 2015
Nigeria has topped the table for private equity deal value in Africa every year since 2012, attracting almost a third (31.4 per cent) of the total private equity investment on the continent over the past five years to 2014.


2 hours ago
The National Vice chairman. (North West) of the ruling All progressive congress (APC), Dr Salihu Lukman yesterday blamed the structural adjustment programme for the crisis in the educational sector of the country.
2 hours ago
Kenyans prayed for peace Sunday as they waited anxiously for the final outcome of the presidential election, with the two frontrunners almost neck and neck, according to partial official results.
2 hours ago
United Kingdom, the UK-based trainer on Leadership, Diana Young, has stressed the need for leaders to connect with his followers with the right approach and showing warmth in different ways to make the team members feel smart.
2 hours ago
The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), last week Thursday, swore in the newly elected executive members of The Guardian Chapel. The oath of office and swearing-in was administered by the Chairman of the Lagos State Council of the union, Mr Adeleye Ajayi. The new officers of The Guardian Chapel are: Tope Templer Olaiya as Chairman,…
3 hours ago
The Ghanaian High Commission in Nigeria has said that President Nana Akufo-Addo did not write the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential flag-bearer, Bola Tinubu to step aside for the Labour Party..