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25 Mar 2015
Introduction and My Vision for Nigeria Introduction WHEN I was growing up in Otuoke, a small town in Bayelsa, as the son of a boat builder, life was hard. Of nine children to my parents, only two of us survived. But I had the chance to go to school. Many did not. I worked at my studies. God smiled on me. I am here today as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and I tell you now: there is not a moment that I forget where I come from, or how tough life can be for so many of us.
24 Mar 2015
Continued from yesterday MORE substantively, what happens if, as Governor Adams Oshiomhole said, in a recent interview in TheNews magazine, you are not considered citizen enough in your place of primary domicile to be allowed to hold a position of public trust? How get fellow Nigerians to accept that what is mine can only be…
24 Mar 2015
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has had course to blame the frustrating process on the judiciary, particularly defense lawyers who seek injunction and apply other means to exploit inherent loopholes in the lawyer to scuttle justice in cases involving their clients standing trails for corruption related cases.
23 Mar 2015
SINCE no serious ethic has emerged to make people feel secure, or make them believe their turn would ever come in the scheme of things, unionization has been entered as some kind of assurance, insurance or energizer.
19 Mar 2015
Yes, I am supporting Buhari but ask me what does my candidate think about local government autonomy or creation of state police, I would not know. This is really a shame, I must admit. But beyond rhetoric, both Buhari and Jonathan have really not helped Nigerians to be able to decide wisely.
17 Mar 2015
“In Mainstreet Bank Limited’s 2013 audited results, retail and commercial banking contributed 78 per cent, 36 percent, and 18 per cent of total deposits, total loans and profit before tax. Also, Mainstreet’s savings and demand deposits accounted for 21 per cent and 43 per cent of deposit mix, which also demonstrated its focus on these two segments”, the bank said.
11 Mar 2015
CONVENTIONALLY, political leaders usually determine the policies in any nation. Such leaders outline the political, economic and social directions for the country.
11 Mar 2015
GOING by facts and figures, Nigeria’s economy is in dire strait. The picture of a robust economy painted which rated the country as Africa’s largest economy with about $510 billion yearly Gross Domestic Product (GDP), appears to be cloudy, because reality checks and outlook have proved otherwise. There are cogent reasons to be worried. Reason: The exchange rate is today N228 to US$1; statutory allocation to federating units has plunged by about 50 percent, leading to delay in salary payments by state governments; and loss of over N4 trillion in foreign direct investment.
9 Mar 2015
AS Nigeria intensifies efforts towards becoming a major economic bloc by year 2020 through various reforms, policies and investments, proper positioning of the country on the Internet space is seen as an added advantage.    Today, Nigeria is home to over 75 million Internet users out of the estimated 180 million populations, making it the…
9 Mar 2015
While many blame Africa and Nigeria’s poor development strides on leadership, a new scholarship posits otherwise. With his new book, Corruption in Africa: Resolution through New Diagnosis, Jimanze EgoAlowes argues that the failure of forward-thinking scholarship rather than leadership is what has left Nigeria behind. he also argues that corruption is a mere manifestation of…
8 Mar 2015
TODAY marks the beginning of another milestone in the affairs of the women folks around the world as the United Nations headquarters in New York, plays host to them  for the 59th session on the United Nations Commission on the status of women (CSW) which is the United Nations global policy-making body dedicated to gender…
4 Mar 2015
  OVER 14 million people learn they have cancer and eight million die from the disease. Studies suggest that one-third of cancer death can be prevented, but occasionally, services and technologies are not usually available, especially in low- and middle-income countries.    Figures from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) show that about…


22 mins ago
Johnny Depp is set to film in a new film project "Jeanne du Barry." Ever since the announcement of the jury's favourable judgment for Johnny Depp, the actor has been entangled in a debate about whether he will return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Depp will instead, will return under Maiwenn's guidance, with a…
29 mins ago
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has reminded political parties that the deadline for uploading list and particulars of the their nominees remains July 15. The commission made the disclosure in a statement issued by Mr Festus Okoye, National Commissioner and Chairman, Information and Voter Education Committee, on Thursday after the commission’s meeting held in…
36 mins ago
The Nigerian Army has confirmed that its troops deployed in Shiroro area of Niger were ambushed while on a mission to deal with bandits’ attack on miners in the area.
45 mins ago
The Taliban's reclusive supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada showed up Friday at a major gathering of clerics in the Afghan capital called to rubber-stamp the hardline Islamist group's rule over the country.
1 hour ago
Nigeria and the United Kingdom Thursday signed an agreement that would see the UK increase the deportation of those considered “dangerous criminals” as part of the British new immigration plan. British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the “landmark” agreement would help “take the fight to the criminal people smugglers to tackle illegal immigration. “Our new…