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1 Mar 2015
SEVEN years after the last occurrence in Nigeria, Bird Flu is here again.     While there are concerns on trying to limit the spread and stop the transmission from poultry to humans, there is greater concern in ensuring that the virus does not mutate into a form that can be transmitted from human to…
26 Feb 2015
NIGERIA today remains an unfortunate travesty that betrays the very reason people form governments in the first place. I am not talking merely about poverty, unemployment, and hunger; but there are other structural inadequacies that make these problems possible and persistent. Today, our public school system has collapsed, libraries are non-existent, teachers are not paid…
26 Feb 2015
THE recent debate triggered by Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) on the legality of organ donation and transplantation in Nigeria has arisen in the wake of both the promulgation of the National Health Bill, 2014 into law by President Jonathan and the publication of our new book on health and medical law in Nigeria – which…
25 Feb 2015
IN the past, they were considered rare breeds. Their words were law. Political office holders dare not go beyond their advice. They represented the middle and upper class, depending on their grade in the civil service. The General Order and the Financial Regulations books guided their conduct in and out of office     The…
24 Feb 2015
DESPITE increasing efforts by the agency saddled with ensuring that carnage is reduced on the highways, Nigeria is still rated second globally on road accidents, after Thailand.      This record obviously is not enviable.  Three reasons have been adduced by experts for accidents which had claimed the lives of the poor and rich alike- state…
23 Feb 2015
THE advent of telecommunications and its growing access will continue to drive development process across all sectors of the economy. Indeed, the impact cuts across manufacturing, banking, education, agriculture, government, and lately, the political landscape.    In fact, recent World Bank studies indicate that for every $1 invested in telecommunications infrastructure, more than $6 is…
22 Feb 2015
THE PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which was contracted to carry out a forensic audit report on alleged unremitted $20billion by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) into the Federation Account, has not only exonerated the Corporation of wrong doings, but hinged the misleading information on ignorance on how the oil sector works.      Submitting its report to…
18 Feb 2015
Several scholars are divided on the safety or otherwise of biotechnology around the world. in this report, CHUKA ODITTAH, examines the myths and realities of the issue, particularly as it affects Nigeria. OUT of the world’s 197 countries, only about 70 nations have fully embraced biotechnology. Statistics reveals that the United States of America, Argentina,…
16 Feb 2015
A 2008 Amnesty International Report on Nigeria paints a demoralizing picture of how violence strives in all spectrum of the Nigerian society.    According to the report, “On a daily basis women are beaten and ill treated for supposed transgressions, whipped and even murdered by members of their family. In some cases, vicious acid attack…
15 Feb 2015
“POUNDED at home and desperate to keep hope alive, Nigerians are among the top nationalities fleeing their own country and seeking asylum in industrialized nations…” says an article by The Guardian.   Indeed, many Nigerians yearn for sojourn outside the country. This unfortunate trend is not limited to any age group.  It involves the young…
15 Feb 2015
Text of the lecture to mark the 60th anniversary of the National Archives of Nigeria held at the Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan on December 2, 2014 I HAVE not been courageous enough to ask why the Director and his team that have organized this memorable event decided to  select me for this enviable honour…
11 Feb 2015
  THE outward stream is always steady with a huge backlog of eager youths waiting to procure visa to jet out of the country. Some who could not afford to go through normal routes are ever ready to go through the arduous and risky Sahara desert routes, just to seek greener pasture in Europe, America,…


2 mins ago
After being hit in the face by Best Actor Will Smith, comedian Chris Rock may be returning to host the Oscars next year. ABC president Craig Erwich told sources that bringing Rock in as the emcee was a possibility. He assured that the following year's concert, which is set for March 12, 2023, will be…
24 mins ago
At least 104 All Progressives Congress (APC) members are jostling for the party’s tickets to contest for the 30 seats in the Jigawa State House of Assembly.
1 hour ago
Being an artist, historically, has never been the most lucrative vocation. Artists have faced countless issues from producing the work to finding potential buyers to selling.
1 hour ago
Bankingly accelerates its growth with the culmination of a successful investment round for a total of $11 million USD. The round was led by Dalus Capital, and accompanied by IDB Lab, IDC Ventures, Athos Group, Kube Ventures, Grupo Finacess, iThink VC, Sonen Capital and Oikocredit. The new  investors join existing ones that include, among others, Elevar Equity and Endeavor Catalyst. 
1 hour ago
On what would have been The Notorious B.I.G.'s 50th birthday, the late rap legend will be honoured in New York City with a series of tributes taking place across the city on Saturday, May 21. The famed Empire State Building in Manhattan will be lit up in red and white on that day. There will…