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8 Jun 2015
On daily basis, violence occur with little or no legal restrain within our communities. Wives are beaten by their spouses; jealous suitors bath their girlfriends with acid; little girls are raped by men old enough to be their grandfathers and they continue to walk the streets without any consequence, while their victims sulk and live…
4 Jun 2015
THE development of Internet and broad access to computer technology has created new opportunities for work and business activities, as well as those who engage in illegal activities. The rise of technology and online communication has not only produced a dramatic increase in the incidence of criminal activities, but has also resulted in the emergence…
3 Jun 2015
THERE have been arguments that the monies that are looted from African countries are enough to end hunger and put the continent on the path of irreversible development. While there have been continental and inter-continental agreements reached between developing countries where these monies are looted and developed countries where they are kept, there have been…
2 Jun 2015
The emergence of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), a global initiative that promotes transparency in the management of revenue from natural resources was as a saving grace for many countries in terms of resource governance.  
31 May 2015
Security Challenges IT is not surprising that the chunk of the President’s speech dwelled on armed insurgency and internal uprising in the country. Even as he delivered the speech 16 deaths were recorded in Boko Haram and security forces confrontation. And in a manner suggesting challenging the resolve of the new Commander-in-chief of armed forces,…
31 May 2015
ON March 19, 2015, Segun Adeniyi wrote in his verdict titled: ‘When this madness is over…’ He was concerned with the character and pattern of the campaigns dominated by gossips, character assassination and propagation of hatred and seeds of discord. The biggest party in Africa was busy circulating damaging home videos about its opponents while…
30 May 2015
PASSION is the starting point of all achievements. There has never been anyone who achieved anything of value, who wasn’t passionate about it. Passion is the energy that fuels your dream. Your road to greatness is cluttered with problems and disappointments. And if you don’t have the correct mindset, your dreams could die there. During…
27 May 2015
ON daily basis, the media-radio television, newspapers, social media,-are awash with pictures of once vibrant young Nigerians, almost eaten up by one ailment or the other, seeking assistance to enable them travel abroad for treatment.
24 May 2015
It stares you in the face at every turn. The audacity and brazenness can be sickening, yet it is almost becoming a way of life in the country. If a law enforcement agent accosts a law breaker, the first thing that comes to his mind is “who do I call?” Then the law breaker thrusts…
21 May 2015
Would there not be some means, during a period of peace and calm, of forming relief societies whose object would be to have the wounded cared for in time of war by enthusiastic, devoted volunteers, fully qualified for the task? -Jean-Henry Dunant- Founder, International Red Cross.
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19 May 2015
A paper presented as a keynote speaker at the occasion of the kick-off of the “Pan-African Girl Child Education Campaign” organized by the Boss Friendship Club in Nigeria in conjunction with the World Dynasty Pageant, held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. THE Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 25 (1) as adopted and…
19 May 2015
NIGERIA and most developing nations in Sub Saharan Africa will not be able to meet 2015 the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – goals set by governments in 2000 to guide global efforts to end poverty. Stakeholders are unanimous that the challenges of poverty and development remain daunting; the process of post 2015 development…


1 hour ago
It is no news that social media directly affects our state of mind. Vinton Cerf and Robert Khan who are credited with inventing the Internet probably never considered the psychological impact of their invention. Martin Cooper, who developed the first hand-held phone, also played a part in this by making phones portable, so that we…
1 hour ago
Son Heung-min's double earned Tottenham a point from a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal, as Liverpool moved into second in the Premier League with a 3-1 win over West Ham on Sunday.
2 hours ago
Tottenham came from behind twice to rescue a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal thanks to Son Heung-min's double in Sunday's north London derby.
2 hours ago
In the heart of Nigeria, among the rolling hills and vibrant communities of the Igbo people, lies a treasure trove of textile artistry that has woven its way through generations, preserving culture, history and creativity. Igbo textile works stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people deeply rooted in tradition yet open…
3 hours ago
Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior was ruled out of the derby clash against Atletico Madrid on Sunday just hours before the match in La Liga.