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Youth Speak

20 Mar 2015
And whatever size, shape or form your star is LET IT SHINE! Enjoy growing up, love yourself. You are special. God believes in you. Be confident in yourself! God made only “one” of you! Never settle for less than what God’s word says about you. Pray hard and seek Godly counsel before you make decisions, no matter how small. Most of all LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are because you are the Apple of His eyes and He has put a lot of treasure in you! Your happiness lies in Him not someone else. Dont let anyone say you cant. You can do mighty things over and beyond your wildest dream. Take care of your body because it is the temple of God, respect it by not abusing it with alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance.
19 Mar 2015
SECURITY is freedom from physical hurt, injury, human right abuse or other threats to what constitutes the core of individual security. My views differ sharply on how the communal concept of security as it concerns the youth should be expanded from this core. For some, maladministration, youth marginalisation, youth exploitation, inefficient security institutions, hunger, disease…
17 Mar 2015
Continued from yesterday I WENT to the major roads and dropped my resumes in firms. There was a particular firm I had looked up online. I went to the address but to my dismay there was no such office only a building under construction. Hmm. I walked head on looking for sign boards and walked…
11 Mar 2015
The adverse effects of unemployment which include high rural-urban migration, increase in death rate, increase in crime rate, brain drain, prostitution and child trafficking, increase in admission into psychiatric hospitals, reduction in pay roll tax and, of course, insurgency have being a regular feature and bane of Nigerian society.
9 Mar 2015
Continued from yesterday THESE developments entail a growing need for the representation of divergent interests in conflict resolution. Although new actors are usually classified according to their affiliation with nation-states (state or non-state actors), in order to examine their role in the resolution, management, and transformation of contemporary conflicts, classifying them according to the scale…
8 Mar 2015
NIGERIA has been wracked by periodic episodes of violence for decades. The country’s 150 million people are divided about equally between Christians and Muslims and further splintered into about 250 ethnic groups. Most Nigerians argue that the real reason for the violence isn’t ethnic or religious differences but the scramble for land, scarce resources and…
4 Mar 2015
AMONGST the many things that upset me about Nigeria, corruption is topmost. The issue is one that has seen considerable discourse and it is easy to understand why. After all, the issue is one that affects us all on most levels irrespective of social divides: the rich corrupt officer deprives the middle class; the deprived…
3 Mar 2015
SOME weeks back, there was a report of Boko Haram terrorists attacking the town of Baga in Borno State. The round figure of 2000 was bandied around as the number of people killed (officially disproved) and social media went up in flames—it didn’t take long before it turned political.   Some weeks back, there was…
2 Mar 2015
OPPORTUNITY, they say, comes once in a lifetime. This popular aphorism which has been kept in the brain cells of people for so long is being challenged by the unique case of Nigeria and her idiosyncrasies. Nigerians have been inundated with several opportunities, at some point in our history, to destroy and obliterate all shackles…
1 Mar 2015
CONTINUED FROM FRIDAY 27/02/2015 THEN came Nigeria’s turn with full expectations, surprises and its reputed hospitality, but almost without warning, Obasanjo’s watch disappeared to the complete shock of others and quite imperturbably, he retorted; my fellow sojourners, we are in Oshodi (Lagos) where anything can happen!   Outside Nigerian borders, the presumed magic wand of…
26 Feb 2015
BEFORE anything, it is quite needful to know what makes Lagos tick and so irresistible that all ages, creed, race, language, gender and status of vast and varied endowments find succour and fulfillment in this rather Eldorado of sort despite its high cost of living and unpredictability. It is a place the newly arrived are…
25 Feb 2015
A RECENT report (published on September 18, 2014) of a poll conducted by CNN put Nigerians’ accent of the English language as the sixth ‘sexiest’ in the world, out of an estimated 7,000 languages on earth. Whatever ‘sexiest’ connotes; the result of the poll is without doubt, an eloquent testimony of a uniqueness of the…


7 mins ago
Twitter influencer Chude Franklin Nnamdi, who was arrested by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), is expected to be released from detention today, according to Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) candidate in the 2023 presidential election.
11 mins ago
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has confirmed the evacuation of banknotes from its vaults to commercial banks across the country.
57 mins ago
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni urged greater support Friday for crisis-torn Tunisia, warning at Brussels summit of the risk of a "migratory wave" towards Europe if the situation deteriorated.
1 hour ago
Israel's attorney general on Friday accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "illegal" public intervention on the government's divisive judicial reform programme, citing his ongoing corruption trial.
1 hour ago
The mild-mannered hero of "Hotel Rwanda" credited with saving hundreds of lives during the 1994 genocide, Paul Rusesabagina evolved into Kigali's highest-profile and sharpest-tongued critic before being convicted of terrorism.