Sunday, 26th March 2023
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15 Feb 2017
Lovers of the Chinese culture, scholars and students of Chinese gathered recently and joined Chinese nationals in celebrating their country’s New Year.
14 Feb 2017
The Akon Lighting Africa Project is an initiative by the Senegalese-American hip hop singer Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam better known as Akon.
14 Feb 2017
Is Beyonce too edgy for the music industry? Or do the Grammy Awards suffer from an underlying racial bias? The superstar's failure to win top prizes is vexing her many admirers -- among them the night's big winner Adele.
13 Feb 2017
Leading rappers came together Sunday to rip into US President Donald Trump at the Grammy Awards, using the telecast to denounce his anti-immigrant stance.
13 Feb 2017
Beyonce made her performance debut as the expecting mother of twins on Sunday with a New Age celebration of women at the Grammy Awards.
13 Feb 2017
He won Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album, going up against A-listers including his mentor Kanye West and chart-topper Drake.
13 Feb 2017
Adele on Sunday triumphed once again at the Grammys with five awards for her latest blockbuster album of ballads, but she paid glowing tribute to her rival Beyonce, calling her an idol.
13 Feb 2017
"Blackstar," the last album of late rock icon David Bowie -- who enjoyed little recognition at the Grammys over his long career -- on Sunday won five awards -- a clean sweep for its five nominations.
13 Feb 2017
Adele's heartache ballad "Hello" won the Grammy on Sunday for Song of the Year, in a new triumph for the blockbuster single that marked the English singer's victorious return.
10 Feb 2017
More than 13,000 music professionals in the Recording Academy vote to determine winners of the Grammys, to be announced in a televised gala in Los Angeles.
10 Feb 2017
Which diva will the music industry select for its top honors? Adele, who conquered the charts with time-tested ballads of heartache, or Beyonce, who has crafted an edgier, confident sound?
9 Feb 2017
Gospel legend Aretha Franklin says she is retiring from recording music, but only after a final album this year that will feature Stevie Wonder.

Guardian Life

1 hour ago
The immune system serves as the body's defence against invaders that may not necessarily be disease-causing substances, such as pollen, grain, sunburn, and grass. But the body effectively perceives them as foreign and inappropriate, leading to the regular alert response by the fighter molecules, more often known as the white blood cells (leucocytes). The immune…
3 hours ago
Peanut Butter Brownie Baked Oatmeal is a delicious and nutritious breakfast dish that combines the classic flavours of peanut butter and chocolate in a healthy baked oatmeal recipe. The dish is made by combining rolled oats, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt in a mixing bowl, and then adding milk, peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla…
4 hours ago
Everyone wants glowing skin and strives for ways to get it. There is no perfect skin. But glowing skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin has an even complexion and fewer blemishes. A certified dermatologist, Dr Mona Gohara, notes that healthy skin “translates into a well-hydrated, super moisturized complexion with just the right touch of…
5 hours ago
As expected, the week was filled with a lot of activities ranging from social to politics and not forgetting those that affect emotions. Well, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has finally confirmed that the old naira notes will once again be in use, and Nigerians now have their governors, the new ones especially. Guardian…
6 hours ago
How does life feel when you have crafted some of the most popular songs in the world and somehow have to level up for your next release since the world is constantly in motion? This question seems a perfect one for Africa's Pop Prince, Joeboy. But the thing is, he’s already answered it with his…


1 day ago
Highly talented Nigerian singer, Samuel Osemudiame Odeh, popularly known as CityBaze, has begun 2023 with a brand new single, 'Be Myne', released on the stable of Empire Music. The 30-year-old CityBaze is undoubtedly one of the most talented Nigerian singers. The Nigerian-Italian singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer had vowed to make 2023 an unforgettable…
2 days ago
As the sonic footprint for afropop continues to reach across the world, the pulse of popular music from west Africa is re-awakening connective tissues that exist between emigrants and their home countries while opening new lanes of expression in a number of artists. Ukraine-based Nigerian singer, Lagracemusic, is at the of this uniquely 21st-century exchange…
2 days ago
Jimin of BTS has finally released his eagerly awaited solo debut. "Like Crazy," which is a synth-pop song that features Jimin's emotive voice through potent synth and drum sounds, was written by Jimin and fellow BTS member RM. The song expresses how it feels to ignore reality and flee from it in order to forget…
Doja Cat
3 days ago
Doja Cat took to Twitter to share the news of her cosmetic procedures, particularly breast reduction and liposuction. Doja had already mentioned that she was going under the knife sometime in November 2022. The ‘Juicy’ singer shared that she’s currently “healing” from the surgical procedures to her Instagram. The singer and producer whose full name…
21 Mar
The Chemistry between K-pop artistes and their fans leaves both non-kpop stans and even K-pop stans awed. While the concept of "fandom" is not explicit to K-pop idols, it is undeniable that K-pop has advanced the art of fandoms. Through Album sales, song streams and music video views, Photocards and merch, publicity and promotion, K-pop…


4 days ago
Actor Bruce Willis steps away from acting ever since he was diagnosed with dementia, (frontotemporal dementia, according to his family announcement.) a kind of dementia that causes difficulty in speaking. The actor himself understands what disease he's battling, which seems to have no cure at the moment. Hence the need to seek proper attention and…
15 Mar
From films to Music, the recent news release by BBC which described the growth of the Korean Wave as "Endless" cannot be any more accurate. While you may be new to the term "Korean Wave", like many others, you must have noticed the increase in visibility and accessibility of Korean Entertainment. That is a part…
13 Mar
After being crowned the best actor in a leading role at the Oscars, he (Brendan Fraser) is currently the happiest man on earth right now. You would disagree with me less. Battered and abused by the industry and blacklisted after being sexually assaulted, Brendan Fraser finally laid his hands on the biggest of them all.…
11 Mar
Every year, the world celebrates women - their achievements, gifts, and unique talents on International Women’s Day. Despite shifting cultures and more women taking on new roles, jobs, and challenges, it’s still essential to spotlight women...
7 Mar
Creed III, the latest release of the ‘Rocky’ spin-off franchise has exceeded box-office expectations and has garnered an impressive $58.7 million upon its official release in North America alone and $41.8 internationally, scoring a whopping $100.5 million in total for now. Setting a record while also surpassing two-time record breaker Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp:…