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25 Dec 2009
THE United Nations (U.S.) Security Council slammed Eritrea with an arms embargo and other sanctions on Wednesday for its role in aiding rebels in Somalia and refusing to withdraw from a border dispute with Djibouti. According to a report by the Cable News Network (CNN), the council approved the resolution with veto-holder, China, abstaining and Libya, the current chair of the African Union, voting against the measure. But Eritrean Ambassador Araya Desta denounced the action, calling the resolution "shameful" and based on "fabricated lies mainly concocted by the Ethiopian regime and the United States (U.S.) administration."
24 Dec 2009
ZIMBABWE'S Finance Minister Tendai Biti yesterday said the Southern African country needs $45 billion to return its economy to peak levels seen more than a decade ago.
23 Dec 2009
A UNITED Nations' (UN) report which was leaked to the media yesterday wants Guinea's military leader, Capt Moussa Dadis Camara, to be charged with crimes against humanity over the killing of opposition protesters. The UN panel, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), claims that Camara bears "direct criminal responsibility" for the killings. The report said it could identify 156 people who were killed at the protest - contradicting claims from the ruling junta that fewer than 60 people died. Earlier this month, Capt Camara was shot and wounded by one of his own soldiers. However, the junta spokesman, Idrissa Cherif, accused the UN of rushing out the report and said there had been a "procedural fault" in the way it had been communicated. "I get the impression people want to speed things up as if it were a race against the clock. It is not normal," he told Reuters news agency.
23 Dec 2009
AN Ethiopian court yesterday sentenced five people to death and 33 others to life in prison for planning to assassinate government officials, agency reports claimed. Many of the accused, Associated Press (AP), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Agence France Presse (AFP) stated, were sentenced in absentia, including the alleged mastermind of the plot, United States (U.S.)-exiled Berhanu Nega, who served two years in prison after accusing Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's regime of stealing the 2005 polls.
21 Dec 2009
IT was a sad 66th anniversary for Somali police authorities yesterday when Islamic militants fired mortars into the Mogadishu's police compound, sparking a battle that killed no fewer than 12 civilians and a police officer, agency reports claimed. In the ensuing battle, one police officer was killed and three others were wounded after the mortar landed near the compound during the ceremony, a police official, Aden Ahmed, told Associated Press (AP). He said that government soldiers and the African Union forces returned fire, shelling Mogadishu's rebel-controlled district. Most of the shelling hit near the Bakara market, a busy shopping area, Ahmed said.
19 Dec 2009
 THE soldier accused over the assassination attempt on Captain Moussa Dadis Camara has admitted shooting the Guinean junta leader, telling French media he felt "betrayed" by his former boss. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Associated Press (AP) quoted Lt Toumba Diakite as telling Radio France Internationale (RFI) radio that the military rulers intended to blame him for a massacre of opposition protesters on September28, adding that he shot Capt. Camara in the neck to avoid being arrested.
19 Dec 2009
 A NEW report into the killing of 157 protesters by the security forces in Guinea in September says it was a premeditated massacre. The report, by Human Rights Watch, says the killings were designed to silence opposition to military rule.  The authors claimed Guinea's presidential guard fired into the crowd until they ran out of bullets. They said this was a crime against humanity, coming under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.
19 Dec 2009
 THE UN envoy to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Alan Doss, has announced that a joint military operation against rebels, which has become a subject of criticisms from human rights activists, will be concluded at the end of this month, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) claimed yesterday.
19 Dec 2009
MOZAMBIQUE will co-operate fully with Rwanda to hand over genocide suspects, the country's Foreign Minister Oldemiro Baloi has told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). His comments coming after Rwandan accused Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia of being unwilling to help hunt those suspected of involvement in the 1994 killings.
19 Dec 2009
"UNLESS the international community, notably the U.S. (United States), the UN (United Nations), the African Union Peace and Security Council and the Horn of Africa Inter-Government Authority on Development (IGAD), cooperate to support (peace deals), return to north-south war and escalation of conflict in Darfur are likely," International Crisis Group (ICG) warned yesterday in a report.
22 Sep 2009
GAMBIAN President Yahya Jammeh has warned that anyone who sought to "destabilise" the tiny west African nation would be killed. " If you want to destabilise this country and bring trouble and suffering to my people, I will make sure that you are dead," Jammeh told state television.


48 mins ago
Dr. Ken Opara has been sworn as the 22nd President/Chairman of the Council of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) at an event attended by industry leaders, regulators and political office holders during which he pledged to restore ...
51 mins ago
A turnover of 3.021 billion shares worth N31.8 billion was recorded in 29,153 deals by investors on the floor of the Nigerian Exchange Limited last week.
51 mins ago
As political parties enter the decision week where delegates will determine flag bearers for the 2023 general elections, some presidential aspirants – in both the All Progressives Congress...
52 mins ago
The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, and the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, have advised underwriters in the country to pay claims promptly to retain public confidence.
57 mins ago
I am neither a prophet nor a clairvoyant, but from the manifestation in my crystal ball, I see Nigeria in 2023 being shaped by upheaval fueled by miseries and hopelessness.