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15 Mar 2015
I hope the station can be as independent as other international broadcast media to give us a bird’s eye view as well as a worm’s eye view of all issues. I hope its management also takes criticisms seriously with the view to firming up the Nigeria’s news media.
15 Mar 2015
From claims and counter-claims, one fact was established: that the scarcity was not due to product unavailability but the general increase in the overall cost of importing the product, which affected marketers who were without the required capital amid complaints of unsettled previous loans by the banks. Fair enough, the government seemed to have concurred, as shown by its immediate payment of some outstanding sums and the promise to pay the interest rates and the forex differentials to marketers.
13 Mar 2015
THE eruption of violence, with its trail of explosions, gunshots and intimidation that marred the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial campaign in Okrika, Rivers State, the other day, is a bitter reminder that elections are still a ‘do or die’ affair in many parts of the country.
12 Mar 2015
A VERY rare civil servant, Alhaji Gidado Idris, GCON, will be eighty (80) on Sunday March 15. He has served his country for 42 years. And he has seen it all. He has shaped and witnessed history in his years of service.
12 Mar 2015
WHO says a ruling party is invincible? In a free and fair election, anything can happen.
12 Mar 2015
PDP-vs-APCALL that APC has told Nigerians is a rehearse of what we hear at election campaign rallies by other political parties, inclusive of the PDP’s: perfunctory if routine pledges to solve the existing problems – an undertaking of sorts to learn on the job.
12 Mar 2015
THE way and manner the exchange rate of Naira to the U.S. Dollar ( USD) volatility went hay wire since November 2014 when the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) devalued the Naira exchange rate by 8% and another indirect devaluation of fixing the official exchange rate at N198 to USD clearly shows that the CBN urgently needs a change of strategy in exchange rate management.
12 Mar 2015
AGAINST the backdrop of the disappointing content as well as conduct of campaigns for the 2015 elections by the major political parties, the report of the 2014 National Conference is one issue they cannot and must not ignore.
9 Mar 2015
WHEN President Goodluck Jonathan defended the charge of corruption against his administration on an international news network the other day, he could not be accused of not appreciating the fact that the credibility of his entire government had been challenged. Even as the president insisted that the perception rating on corruption in Nigeria was exaggerated…
8 Mar 2015
THE proposal by the Federal Government to  make a university degree the minimum qualification for teaching in schools would seem commendable but this idea on its own cannot arrest the sliding fortunes of the educational sector as demonstrated by pupils’ mass failure in examinations. It would only be useful when the government addresses the needs of teachers and confront the multifaceted challenges of education generally.   By that pronouncement, the government underscored the importance of teachers in the improvement of education in the country. …
7 Mar 2015
THOUGH the Lagos State government has based its retention of the death penalty in its criminal law on its endorsement by the public, the position of the state loses its merit when subjected to deeper scrutiny. Indeed a re-consideration of the decision is validated by the fact that the matter involves life, which human beings have no power to create and therefore should take extreme care in seeking to take. …
5 Mar 2015
FOREMOST industrialist and philanthropist, Molade Alexandria Okoya-Thomas,  whose remains are being interred today passed on at the age of 79 but the palpable sense of bereavement nation-wide has been such as would attend the death of a young man in his prime. In truth, Okoya-Thomas was so young at heart, graceful in conduct and so…


24 mins ago
Three persons have been reportedly trapped while one has been confirmed dead in a fresh building collapse on Monday night in Ikorodu area of Lagos State. Two other persons were rescued from the collapsed two-storey building by residents of the area. Confirming the incident on Tuesday,, the South West Coordinator of the National Emergency Management…
44 mins ago
Comedian and magician Phil Butler has died at the age of 51. His cause of death remains unknown as it has not yet been announced. Phil’s agents Chris Davis Management issued a statement following his sad passing. Sharing a statement on Twitter, they confirmed: It is with huge sadness we have to announce the passing…
54 mins ago
Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson has opened up on her weight loss noting that she understands why people are obsessed.  The actress says her 60-lb. weight loss is not only about size but "about loving yourself and loving the journey that you're on." She noted that she is getting more attention now that she has…
57 mins ago
Forty-eight emerging leaders from around the world, including Nigeria, Togo and Sierra Leone, join the inaugural 24 fellows to build a network of 72 active fellows working to tackle global drivers of inequality. LAGOS, Nigeria, 19 October 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- New York – October 19, 2021 – The Ford Foundation has today announced its 2021 Ford…
57 mins ago
Attackers rely on small-sized patterns to avoid detection, as predicted by Nexusguard researchers SINGAPORE, October 19, 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Small bit-and-piece DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service) boomed by 233% in the first half of 2021, revealed Nexusguard researchers in the Threat Report FHY 2021. As the pandemic carried on into 2021, hackers experimented with new attack…