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4 May 2010
ONCE again, the collapse of a two-storey block of lock-up shops under construction at the Cairo Market in the Oshodi area of Lagos has brought to the fore the poor state of the building industry in the country, particularly, in Lagos. Something should be done to check the malaise. The number of such buildings that…
3 May 2010
OF recent, the Imo State government decided on a so-called job scheme for the thousands of job seekers in the state. It announced that it had in its portfolio 10, 000 vacant public sector job positions. But to get at any of the jobs, an applicant is required to pay the sum of N2,000 in…
2 May 2010
AS the international community celebrates the world press freedom day today, it is sad that Nigeria is considered one of those countries where journalists have become truly endangered. Barely five days after the killing last week of a journalist, Mr. Edo Sule Ugbagwu in his home at Egbeda, Lagos, death threats were also issued to…
1 May 2010
THE Workers Day came and went yesterday with hardly any celebration in the country. This is not unexpected, having regard to the fact that for workers, there is little to cheer about. It was just another day of lost hope, minimal existence, poverty, squalor and unbridled display of corrupt wealth by political leaders. Indeed it…
25 Dec 2009
NIGERIA, greatly endowed and created 95 years ago has remained underdeveloped. Hence I have been reflecting on Nigeria 's current development approach and it appears to me that as long as this approach has kept Nigeria underdeveloped, it is not the appropriate approach. Nigeria therefore needs alternative ideas with which to develop. Meanwhile, let us briefly understand the existing approach, but a good insight is for you to check-out election posters or the newspaper pages by state governors on how they have developed their states.
25 Dec 2009
MAY God give us leaders that care, leaders that will serve the people instead of serving themselves; may God in His infinite mercy rescue us from those whose main concern is to better their own lots and that of their immediate families. It is unsettling to read that new residences are to be built for the Vice President, Senate President, Deputy Senate President, Speaker and the Deputy of the House of Representatives. While reasons were averred for the proposed legislators' movement from Apo Quarters to Maitama District extension, no reason was given for constructing a new residence for the Vice President.
25 Dec 2009
"YOU gotta cry to laugh" is the title of a book by Peter Enahoro. Looks like that is what Nigerians are going through, this Christmas. There is so much excitement across the land, people trying to enjoy a two-day Christmas holiday and a weekend, but deep down, the people are aching. When the Lord Jesus Christ was born more than 2, 000 years ago, his birth was heralded by comets which drew the attention of three Wise Men from the Orient. Something phenomenal had happened, and the Illuminati had taken notice. The arrival of the Lord Jesus, Master of the Universe, was to mark a turning point in the destiny of humankind. For God so loved the world that he gave his own begotten son, as sacrificial lamb, so that the rest of humanity may enjoy the grace of eternal salvation.
25 Dec 2009
TODAY is Christmas Day when Nigerians once again join the rest of the world in marking an outstanding date in the Christian calendar. Christmas is the centre of an annual holiday season when Nigerians make intricate travel plans to reunite with families and loved ones, to celebrate weddings and a series of end-of-year festivities. It is the season when many religious people give thanks for blessings received through the course of the dying year. Christmas day is however particularly significant for Christians because it is the anniversary celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the Saviour which occurred over two thousand years ago. In other words, Christmas commemorates the event of momentous event of the Incarnation - a core mystery of the Christian faith.  
24 Dec 2009
THE South East geopolitical zone of Nigeria is home to one of Nigeria's three largest ethnic nationalities - Ndigbo. Unlike any of the other geopolitical zones numbering six, the South East is today confronted by the worst case of university graduate unemployment even as small and medium scale businesses are fast closing shops because of the severe death of electricity power and other infrastructural facilities that would have created the enabling environment for speedy industrialisation in an area that has produced some of Nigeria's finest brains in all fields of human endeavour.
24 Dec 2009
THE death of Dr. Ibrahim Tahir, Talban Bauchi, fondly referred to as Baba Talba, in the family circles, on December 8, 2009, was a deeply personal loss to me in more ways than one. My association with him which began 38 years ago, defined my social, intellectual and family life. We first met in 1971 and through him some other members of the intellectual elite of his generation. A group, in saner societies, that would have been the nucleus of the best and the brightest. They embodied the values of public service as a call to duty. They were the younger elements of the Premier's office crowd. I have maintained an enduring, affectionate and honourable association with some of them.    
24 Dec 2009
IT is here again, the season of joy. How nice to observe that age-long family custom of keeping vigil on Christmas Eve night. The joy of sitting round the tall, glittering and decorated Christmas tree while intoning those traditional Christmas carols which, perhaps, we learnt from childhood. Then the exchange of gifts and greetings. To children, it is the joy of dressing in their Christmas clothes on Christmas day, the good breakfast and lunch, the gift from Santa and all that. So, Christmas time creates the atmosphere to mend fences and extend the hands of friendship to everyone across the divide; to think about others; for true generosity; to enjoy special solidarity with our fellow men.
24 Dec 2009
FOR more than two weeks now, Nigerians have gone through greater hardship due to a fresh round of fuel scarcity across the nation, yet there has been no convincing explanation as to the cause of the scarcity. Many thought that the scarcity would ease off as Christmas draws nearer or that somebody is doing something about it but instead the situation gets worse daily with no end in sight. As usual, there has been a serious blame game between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and independent petroleum marketers. It is a hide and seek game that Nigerians are used to.


Steve Bruce has left his position as Newcastle manager by "mutual consent", 13 days after a Saudi-led takeover at St James' Park, the Premier League club announced on Wednesday. "Newcastle United can confirm that Steve Bruce has left his position as head coach by mutual consent," said a club statement. "He leaves the Magpies after…
26 mins ago
The English Premier League (EPL) has been home to some of the best players to ever cross the pitch. Few regions have contributed to that image more than Africa. Some incredible African players have left a lasting impression on the domestic game in England. Some of the biggest clubs have had African players play for…
33 mins ago
Facebook plans to rebrand itself with a new name next week in a bid to distance itself from multiple scandals. The social media site - Facebook- may likely retain its moniker, but the parent company, Facebook Inc., which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp, will rebrand. The Verge reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to…
40 mins ago
If you wonder who made Winmbledon's Last-16 in June, there's only one answer: Ons Jabeur, the first Arab woman to reach such a high-level achievement. Probably, we will hear about her more often. But for those who didn't follow the last Women's Tennis Association tournament or want to know more about Ons Jabeur and her…
52 mins ago
Nigerian youths held memorial protests in Lagos and Abuja on Wednesday, one year after security forces violently suppressed mass protests against police brutality and bad governance. Under heavy police watch, dozens of protesters rallied in a procession of cars waving green and white national flags from windows at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos, the site…