Sunday, 24th September 2023


15 Jan 2016
PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari’s media chat with a team of journalists the other day has proven a good mirror into his soul. In spite of the many comments praising or condemning his performance, that platform provided a good chance so far of gleaning the direction in which he would take Nigeria, a nation seemingly in the emergency theatre.
14 Jan 2016
THE hike in electricity tariff against widespread opposition of Nigerians smacks of gross insensitivity on the part of the authorities to the high level of poverty and suffering of Nigerians. An albatross on Nigeria from which there seems to be no escape for the people would seem to have been made heavier on their necks.…
13 Jan 2016
THE Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice,  Abubakar Malami, (SAN) was simply reiterating the true and original position of the nation’s laws, when he reportedly made it clear that plea bargain option is not at all available to persons implicated in cases of financial crimes. Said he: ‘It has never been the policy of…
12 Jan 2016
THE demand for abolition of State-Local Governments Joint Account, made the other day in Lagos, raises yet again the incongruity of the operation of the third tier of government in a federal set-up.
11 Jan 2016
IF on-going demolition and enforcement of environmental regulations in parts of the state are indications of efforts to renew it, the governor deserves to be supported rather than crucified. It must be noted that urban renewal is a sine qua non for any serious government of a hustling and bustling community as Lagos, which is…
10 Jan 2016
They observed that: “The implementation of heritable human genetic modification – often referred to as the creation of ‘genetically modified human’ or ‘designer babies’ – could irrevocably alter the nature of human species and society”; and further argued that: “Once the process (of gene modification) begins, there will be no going back. This is a line we must not cross.”
8 Jan 2016
IT is lamentable that despite the warning and alert of the Federal Government over the Lassa (haemorrhagic) fever outbreak, two other states have become afflicted, raising the death toll to six. States in the neighborhood of Taraba State should take with all seriousness, the government’s warning, while the authorities concerned should consider the matter as…
7 Jan 2016
IF the verbal altercation between the two major candidates in the governorship election of Bayelsa State should be cause for concern as Saturday’s rerun polls draw near
6 Jan 2016
INDICATIONS that the Federal Government’s Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) may be discontinued from this year are not surprising, considering its projected failure from the outset.
6 Jan 2016
REPORT, the other day, that allocations to the Amnesty programme in the Niger Delta have been cut by half to N20 billion this year needs official clarification. The Medium Term Expenditure Framework document showed that the allocation for the Amnesty Programme was halved to N20 billion for 2016, and subsequently, it was not included for 2017.
5 Jan 2016
THE backlash from civil rights organisations and other groups over the bloody clash between soldiers and members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, has only pointed to the necessity to view the incident first as a matter of national security, more than anything else. The clash resulted in the death of 62 persons in Zaria.…
4 Jan 2016
THREE issues, namely greater financial discipline, prudent expenditure and strict observance of due process are among those thrown up by the recommendation of stiff sanctions on government officials (especially state governors) who misapply loans meant for overall improvement of the people’s living standards.


40 mins ago
It is no news that social media directly affects our state of mind. Vinton Cerf and Robert Khan who are credited with inventing the Internet probably never considered the psychological impact of their invention. Martin Cooper, who developed the first hand-held phone, also played a part in this by making phones portable, so that we…
47 mins ago
Son Heung-min's double earned Tottenham a point from a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal, as Liverpool moved into second in the Premier League with a 3-1 win over West Ham on Sunday.
1 hour ago
Tottenham came from behind twice to rescue a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal thanks to Son Heung-min's double in Sunday's north London derby.
1 hour ago
In the heart of Nigeria, among the rolling hills and vibrant communities of the Igbo people, lies a treasure trove of textile artistry that has woven its way through generations, preserving culture, history and creativity. Igbo textile works stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people deeply rooted in tradition yet open…
2 hours ago
Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior was ruled out of the derby clash against Atletico Madrid on Sunday just hours before the match in La Liga.