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16 Feb 2015
AFRICA haemorrhages, a bleeding that must be curbed if life would not be snuffed out of the continent.   The report of the Thabo Mbeki-led High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) from Africa says emphatically that IFFs from Africa are large and increasing ‘…from about $20 billion in 2001 to $60 billion in…
15 Feb 2015
NIGERIANS may have borne the insult with admirable equanimity, even with some hope that something good would be the outcome of their long wait and delay. But let Professor Attahiru Jega and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as well as President Goodluck Jonathan and his security advisers not be in any doubt that with…
14 Feb 2015
AFRICAN nations, outraged at the atrocities being committed by Boko Haram recently demonstrated their solidarity with Nigeria by proposing to set up a regional force of 7, 500 troops to fight the rampaging terror group. Such intervention by the African nations under the aegis of the African Union (AU) is undoubtedly commendable as the threat to security posed by the terrorists requires a collective effort by Nigeria and her neighbours…
12 Feb 2015
IT is an enduring tragedy of the on-going politicking that many who speak do so without much wisdom but only to show how much they like the sound of their own voices. Expectedly, the words they speak neither edify them nor the nation. It is a phenomenon Nigeria can do without.     The run-up…
11 Feb 2015
AFTER what seemed like a collective and tragic amnesia on the part of all, the renewed demand by the United Nations Security Council and other citizens of the world on Boko Haram fundamentalists to immediately free from its custody the schoolgirls seized from Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok on April 14, 2014 is a…
10 Feb 2015
THE recent policy of the Federal Government to enrich two aspects of the manufacturing sector, though belated judging by the canons of national planning, is commendable. Notwithstanding the case that, at face value, it is a step in the right direction, these policies could, however, be improved upon for proper integration into other aspects of…
9 Feb 2015
THE colossal sum of $398 million (about N67 billion) the Ministry of Police Affairs has spent to provide a largely non-functional public security communications system across the country is a repugnant addition to the ever-growing list of egregious cases of official corruption and incompetence. At a time the nation is mired in insecurity and increasing threats of fresh trouble, some public officers have exhibited the worst form of…
8 Feb 2015
IT is very sad that four meetings of the Monetary Policy Committee after seven months in office of current Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Godwin Emefiele, the bank has yet to activate the managed float naira exchange rate system (MFS for short), which the governor had pledged to sustain at his maiden press briefing.…
7 Feb 2015
THE current cases of cholera outbreak in parts of Bayelsa and Anambra states are very sad reminders of the endemic poverty of most Nigerians coupled with poor sanitary condition across the country. The cholera outbreak also advertises a certain poverty of ideas on the part of those who rule even in matters that are supposedly…
5 Feb 2015
THE move by the Ekiti State Government to ban clerics from demanding HIV status report from prospective couples before marriage is wrong given the fact that the HIV/AIDS pandemic is a deadly disease that poses great danger to human existence. Therefore, whatever could be done to curb the spread and in this case spare unborn…
mcspadden mcculloch
4 Feb 2015
ALTHOUGH the long anti-racism protests that raged in the United States of America recently might seem to have abated, they have unearthed deep-seated racial animosity that interrogates all that the American dream stands for. To the global black community, old scars of yesteryear’s atrocities against the African-American community have resurfaced as fresh wounds, thereby imposing…
3 Feb 2015
WITH advancements in science, it is good news that cancer is now being denied its capacity to continue to afflict and decimate humanity. Today, World Cancer Day, humanity should rejoice at the prospect of defeating this menace and commit itself more to the fight. For decades, the disease has consistently mocked efforts to tame it and whenever it…


2 mins ago
A political group, National Integrated Movement (ANIM), in collaboration with Kaura Pressure Group (KPG), has begun mobilising grassroots support for candidates of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kebbi.
2 mins ago
Officials of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) can stand as prosecution witnesses in bribery cases, an FCT High Court ruled on Monday.
3 mins ago
Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations, Amina J. Mohammed, has frowned at the near alienation of women and youths in Nigerian politics, warning that equal participation is crucial for development.
11 mins ago
The President, Nigerian Bar Association, (NBA) Mr Yakubu Maikyau on Monday in Abuja, apologised to Nigerians for what he described as the failure of lawyers to live up to their responsibilities of offering guidance for the advancement of the country.
11 mins ago
For some A-list celebrities, leaving undergarments at home isn't a new fashion trend, but have you ever noticed how flawless they look on the red carpet in braless dresses that make breasts look perky?