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31 Oct 2009
In the mid 1980s, as the 1990s drew closer, I was a part of the national communication and mobilization (NACOMO) effort to make Nigeria achieve the target of universal child immunization (UCI) by 1990. It is therefore impossible for one like me, immersed as I am in development work, to ignore the silently raging controversy around the implementation of the agreement between Pfizer, the giant pharmaceutical transnational, and the government of Kano state. One of the concerns that I was called upon to address, using my communications skills, was how to make the issue less controversial than it was getting. Among the allies to achieve this was the Ulamaü the intellectual movement of the Islamic community.
24 Oct 2009
'Never say Never!" is the cry of the pessimist who would rather believe something will always go wrong than right, and would warn against the next round of calamity than be willing to enjoy the present period of bliss, no matter how brief! Between ASUU and Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), employers of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), it is audacious to think strike will never come again, now that some respite has been contrived from the three months of harrowing experience of strike, embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, since June 22, 2009.
30 Sep 2009
SIR: I want to use this medium to express my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family of Mr. Bayo Ohu, who was murdered in his home in Lagos, on Sunday, September 20. I want to encourage my sister Blessing the wife to take heart and be strong in the Lord. If the Lord has permitted it, leave your case in the hands of the All-wise and All-knowing Judge of the whole earth.
30 Sep 2009
SIR: It is sad, very sad indeed that matters of governance are routinely mishandled the way they are in this country. The government says a lot about making Nigeria one of the 20 largest economies in the world by 2020. Yet we refuse to pay adequate attention to those, particularly education, human capital development and good infrastructure that are basic requirements for the development of this goal.
30 Sep 2009
SIR: As the industrial action by ASUU, SSANU and NASU enters its fourth month, it is clear that Dr. Sam Egwu, the Minister of Education is yet to grasp the urgency of the situation. He is still grandstanding and saying that ASUU should call off the strike first before the resumption of negotiations.
29 Sep 2009
SIR: The National Association of Seadogs (NAS) strongly condemns the dastardly assassination of Mr. Bayo Ohu, the Assistant News Editor of The Guardian, by unknown gunmen in the presence of his children.
11 Aug 2008
THOSE good old days! How often do we hear this nostalgic expression, accompanied by a deep, meaningful sigh, suggestive of a wistful longing for a supposedly lost glorious past? In the same breath, the average Nigerian is equally apprehensive of the unfolding future which portends a worse scenario than the present gloom. Each succeeding year has often proved to be worse than the previous one. The year 2008 was worse than 2007, and the outgoing 2009 is proving to be worse than 2008. At this rate, the year 2010, which is expected to be worse than 2009, might be a paradise in comparison with 2020, the year of the great vision of grand disillusion. 
30 Jul 2008
  THE state of Nigeria's highways and the security of people and materials moved along them give cause for concern. The nature of deficiency and the extent of deterioration of these roads include, among others, unfilled pot-holes, flooded segments due to poor drainage, gutters and erosion damage and overgrown shrubs that block the view of motorists. The consequences range from accidents (some fatal), damage to vehicles (some irreparable), the loss of goods, traffic hold-ups and loss of man-hours in traffic hold-up. This also leads to a decline in the gross domestic product with a shrinking job market even as the contaminating effect of a deleterious global economy due to the on-going global financial meltdown takes its toll. This is not to mention the untold frustration caused by long hours spent in traffic hold-up and the consequent rise in blood pressure of sufferers, in some cases bringing about sudden death.


1 day ago
Massive flooding on Sunday overran Ajaokuta-Ganaja-Lokoja road in Kogi which links the metropolis to the eastern part of the state.
1 day ago
The Lagos State Environmental Enforcement and Special Offences Unit impounded 150 motorcycles for violating traffic rules in the last one week.
1 day ago
Just as most beliefs, the Yoruba culture includes a world of myths, allegories, poetry and the love and wisdom of the Ifa divination system which helps to remind the Yoruba people of their past and customs that have survived through history and have helped shape their literature and religion as we know it today. Yoruba…
1 day ago
September 10 of every year is dedicated to preventing suicide in our society. The 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day theme is “Creating Hope through Action.” The World Health Organization estimates that about 703,000 people die from suicide every year. That translates to about one suicide death every 44 seconds and 1,926 deaths every day. The…
1 day ago
Police Service Commission (PSC) has extended the closure of its recruitment portal for the 2022 batch of constables in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) by one month.