Sunday, 24th September 2023


13 May 2017
“Simple living” often includes having a garden. Having a garden can mean many things from a substantial plot to a small area with a few shrubs and a small water fountain.
6 May 2017
But in many homes, it is not so, despite their roles as hands that rocks the cradle and nurtures the generation of future leaders, they are not recognized for their efforts.
22 Apr 2017
Newspapers help you make ‘no-dig’ garden beds and are an easy organic effective method to stop weed invasion. Using newspapers in the garden is frugal as well as environmentally sound.
15 Apr 2017
Easter is one of the most important and popular Christian holidays. It is observed to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after he was tortured to death.
8 Apr 2017
Gardens are natural backdrop to showcase an array of art forms and decorations. Whether they are precious antique finds, traditional, contemporary or creations...
25 Mar 2017
A Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo published a book: The life changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De cluttering and Organizing, which made her a world authoritative voice on how to tidy up.
18 Mar 2017
If you live in a region affected by drought, seriously consider getting rid of that water-guzzling patch of lawn in your front or back garden or both
11 Mar 2017
Getting rid of weeds and preparing soil ready for your flowers and vegetables are important first step in growing a successful garden. Last year’s debris after the dry season...
4 Mar 2017
Sunflowers have many uses such as for producing biodiesel and cooking oil. But the best use of a sunflower is to brighten the garden patios, even indoor rooms any time of the year.
25 Feb 2017
A teacup or a half whisky barrel can house a water garden. From one gallon to 20 to even 500 gallons, any tub, pot, barrel, or container that can hold water can be used.
18 Feb 2017
This method for growing plants is not only low maintenance, but disease and pest resistant. Many plants grow easily in water which is an often used method of propagation as well....
11 Feb 2017
An arrangement of assorted cacti and succulents displaying various textures and shades of green planted together to create a mini-exotic garden in stylish containers will win hearts.


1 hour ago
It is no news that social media directly affects our state of mind. Vinton Cerf and Robert Khan who are credited with inventing the Internet probably never considered the psychological impact of their invention. Martin Cooper, who developed the first hand-held phone, also played a part in this by making phones portable, so that we…
2 hours ago
Son Heung-min's double earned Tottenham a point from a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal, as Liverpool moved into second in the Premier League with a 3-1 win over West Ham on Sunday.
2 hours ago
Tottenham came from behind twice to rescue a pulsating 2-2 draw against Arsenal thanks to Son Heung-min's double in Sunday's north London derby.
2 hours ago
In the heart of Nigeria, among the rolling hills and vibrant communities of the Igbo people, lies a treasure trove of textile artistry that has woven its way through generations, preserving culture, history and creativity. Igbo textile works stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people deeply rooted in tradition yet open…
3 hours ago
Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior was ruled out of the derby clash against Atletico Madrid on Sunday just hours before the match in La Liga.