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Grey house

Some call it the tones of exterior wall luxury, far from the loudness of bright shades, or the lurking and drowning moodiness of overly dark ones, a grey tones house exterior is a
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C. roseus ‘Cora’ plant with detail of red flower on its axil

“Rose Periwinkle”; friendly plant

Rose Periwinkle, Pink periwinkle, Rosy periwinkle, Bright- Eyes, Cape periwinkle, Old- Maid, Madagascar periwinkle, Vinca are common names referring to the same plant. The botanical name is Catharathus roseus.
Beautiful bed of mixed colors C. roseus cultivars.

Miracle plant-‘Rose periwinkle’

Rose periwinkle, Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus Vinca roseus ), by whatever name, is evergreen shrub or herbaceous plant, sprawling along the ground or standing erect to 1m (3feet) in height, native and
8 years ago
Red Canna X generalis

Colourful canna lilies

Cannas are among the most colorful, flamboyant perennials. These rhizomatus perennials come in a vast variety of colors and boast immense, often- veined, paddle-shaped leaves and sheathing leaf stalks...
Beautiful daisy-like flowers of Calendula , tasty in salads, soups,teas and herbal products.

Sunshine incarnated: Marigold, calendula

The name marigolds may refer to plants: common marigold, plants in the genus Tagetes, species of Calendula officinalis. Marigolds in the Tagetes genus are in the same family as Calendula the Asteraceae...
8 years ago
Border of impactful celosia argentea spp.

Celosia’s double role

There are few ornamental flowers as dazzling and unique as celosia. Whether it is the feathery, flame-like floral heads of plumed type, which produces upright spires ...
Harvesting roses from a cutting garden

Grow a cutting garden

It’s always lovely to see flowers blooming in the garden, but often hard to cut them bring them indoor. That’s a good reason for creating a cutting garden.
Monarch butterfly on narrow-leaved milkweed Asclepias alata (Yoruba “Bomubomu”)

Gardening for wildlife

We’ve all heard the negative stories in the media, 52 per cent of wildlife lost in the last 40 years, songbirds and butterflies populations declining and recently massive losses in bee populations.
8 years ago
A wildlife friendly pond with a range of plants and shallow beach will attract a wide range of creatures.

Pollinators for our food

Landscapes sustain us by giving us food to eat, air to breathe and space to live in. it is important to respect our natural landscape and the wildlife they support.
Hummingbird pollinator sucking nectar from hibiscus flower

Gardening for pollinators

Now you might not think about pollinators straight off when you think about gardening. After all, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds have always been part of the background of our gardens.
Frequent tillage disrupts soil’s life and structure

Climate change in your backyard

Most of us think that soil fertility revolves around the question of what we need to buy and add to soil. When we begin working with a piece of ground, especially if
8 years ago
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