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Grey house

Some call it the tones of exterior wall luxury, far from the loudness of bright shades, or the lurking and drowning moodiness of overly dark ones, a grey tones house exterior is a
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Corn seeds sprouting in garden bed of fertile soil

Good garden soil

Soil is the key to health, both for ourselves and for the animals and plants we depend on. But soil “in good heart,” as farmers used to say, is not something we
Materials for building a leaf mould bin

Gold in the garden

Leaves needs raking up regularly in the harmmatan and dry season but instead of burning them, turn them to leave mould – a valuable free resource that is worth its weight in
Epiphytic orchid plant(Cattleya labiata) growing attached to guava tree.

Plantsman, designer, gardener

What a time to be a gardener in those famous words of Dickens ‘‘It (is) the best of times, it (is) the worst of times.” The best of times because the variety
Pothos (epiprenmium aureum) growing in water filled bowl with betta fish.

Designing house plants: A guide

House Plants are a great way of bringing fresh air into stuffy homes even without opening the windows. And there are different types to suit all sorts of conditions and budgets.
“Pineapple Plants” Bromelia balansae

Ornamental house plants

Small Beautiful Ornamentals Small space should not be a limitation to your creativity. In fact, it should spur your imagination and be to your advantage.
8 years ago
Potted orange bourgainvillea twinning on arbor over doorway

Container Gardens

Most of us don’t have the time or space to plant even a little bit. However, a great way to enjoy the vast array of colorful flowers and foliage without spending a
Minimalist house and garden design with swimming pool, white wall, simple patio, brown wooden laminate flooring, large black glass window, garden with lawn grass and palm trees.

Trendy Minimalist Style

There are many ways to make our house look beautiful including designing a garden. This time we are going to consider minimalist garden design.
Outdoor lighting effects.

Contemporary Style

Modern landscape design has quickly gained ground in popularity. Clean lines, bold patterns and new use of materials all play a part in this fresh style.

Garden Design, Styles

So far, on garden design we have discussed key elements or principles of design (size, form, balance) – whether form or function depends on primary purpose, often both.
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