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Grey house

Some call it the tones of exterior wall luxury, far from the loudness of bright shades, or the lurking and drowning moodiness of overly dark ones, a grey tones house exterior is a
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Garden Plans, Design

CREATING a beautiful landscape is not as hard as you might thing. You don’t have to be a landscape designer to create a beautiful garden – but you do need to learn
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'Flame tree' Delonix regia

Drought Bursters

IF you take a look around gardens in the city green areas and the countryside, you will not only see plants that are blooming but also those maintaining their green foliage in
Bougainvillea spectabilis

Drought – Tolerant Plants

MANY plants have developed the nature to survive the hardship of the most hostile environment on earth, so there is an amazing selection of such beautiful plants and flowers that are drought,

Water-Wise Garden II

IN environmental horticulture (gardening is the word), one of the issues of great concern are water conservation and greening of the landscape.
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Mulching improves soil, gives garden a neat appearance, reduces watering and weeding protects plant roots from extreme temperatures.

Water – Wise garden

IT’S that time of the year again, the dry season when the harmattan’s dusty dry hazy cloud covers everything and the days are baking hot. It’s that time again when water becomes
Fringed hibiscus (H. schizopetalus), 'Japanese Lantern' red flowers.

New Year Blooms

NEW Year comes right at the height of the Harmattan dry season when the rains have seized to do the heavy labor, the irrigation of garden.
Vertical gardens and Green Walls are the trend in urban landscape

Green Works

AS a global society, we are at a junction where our decisions today will help shape the environment and climate into which our children and grandchildren will be born. But this is
Vertical gardens and Green Walls are the trend in urban landscape

Green Walls

SOMETIMES called living walls, green facades, bio walls, eco walls or vertical gardens, green walls are a dynamic way to green a vertical built surface. Green walls refer to vegetation that grows