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Living Healthy Diet

17 May 2016
Something interesting happened over the weekend, or should I say I witnessed something interesting.
17 May 2016
In today’s fast pace world, more and more people are consuming processed foods worldwide without adequate knowledge on its disadvantages.
5 Apr 2016
A registered Abuja-based dietician, Mrs Chioma Mmiriukwu, says the quality of food eaten by an individual determines how soundly he or she sleeps.
28 Jun 2015
The increased use of consumer electronics and gadgets - radio, television, computer, cell phones and other related appliances – has brought with it negative side effects on users’ health.
7 Mar 2015
Recipe (for 10 servings) • 300g of plain flour (sieved)  • 250g of Castor sugar  • 10 eggs (whisked)  • 250g butter (softened)  • 500g of mixed dried fruit • 1 tablespoon of baking powder (sieved) • (Ribbons, sugar, eggs and paste animals for decoration) Preparation:    Preheat the oven and grease an ‘E’ shaped…
7 Mar 2015
Recipe for 4 servings • 2 smoked catfish • 1 kilogramme of lean beef • 3 bunches of waterleaves (washed, shredded) • 2 bunches of ugu (Pumpkin) leaves (washed, shredded) • 2 small stockfish • 3 cups of (melon) egusi  (ground) • 2 tablespoons of ground crayfish • 1 onion (shredded) • 4 red pepper…
7 Mar 2015
Recipe for 4 plates • 1 cup of chopped cooked ham • 2 chopped green peppers • 1 chopped onion  • 1 teaspoon of butter  • 4 eggs  • Salt, seasonings and pepper to taste Preparation    In an omelette pan, cook the ham, green peppers and onion in butter until the vegetables are tender,…
28 Feb 2015
THE primary responsibility for man is to have an intelligent understanding of what the nature of the will of God is. When we are talking of submission to the will of God by man, there is nothing man could submit to the will of God other than his own will. Man as we may all…
28 Feb 2015
HEALTH is a spiritual quality. In order to live consistently healthy lives, it is important to identify the principle of good health, and then base health on it. Regardless of how farfetched it seems to the five material senses, the fact is that man and the universe are governed by spiritual laws. To prove this:…
28 Feb 2015
IT began as headache. Then the headache became persistent. Yet the office work neither reduced nor the demands of the extended family on Dozie. After indulging in self-medication for a week without remedy, fatigue and intermittent dizziness set in. Dozie who planned to see his family doctor during the weekend fainted and slumped while working…
28 Feb 2015
THE Police Assistance Committee of Nigeria (PAC) led by its Director-General, Dr. Martins John-Oni has urged Nigerian youths to shun any act that could lure them into the use of hard drugs particularly marijuana. He made the statement recently in Colorado, United States of America where he participated in a conference on impact of marijuana…
21 Feb 2015
THIS question requires careful consideration. The answer that springs readily to the tongue, or more appropriately, to thought, may not necessarily be the right one. Very often one may hear the phrase ‘a healthy body’. Since the human body is material, this may infer that health inheres within the body. But deeper reasoning would reveal…
21 Feb 2015
I BELIEVE we got to a very crucial point of our discussion in the last essay to begin to prove how the principle of Islam ought not to be a concept in the development of religion but in the development of creative intelligence in the human being when we touched on that significant truth that…


Ex BBNaija housemate Erica Nlewedim stars in her MTV Base reality show Inside Life With Erica on BET. Taking to Twitter, BET Africa shared a teaser for the show scheduled to air every Saturday with the caption "Get an all-access pass into the life of Nigerian actress @EricaNlewedim as she navigates the business and entertainment…
11 mins ago
Lagos socialites and fun lovers partied hard into the new year with Cîroc under the beautiful ambience of the Moist Beach, Lagos. The eagerly anticipated but exclusive Neon themed Cîroc The New Year Party, famed to be the first part of the year made good on its promise by delivering a fabulous beach party. On…
21 mins ago
Russia's media regulator has demanded that Facebook "immediately" lift all restrictions on the official page of the country's delegation
34 mins ago
Ukraine's ex-president Petro Poroshenko returned to Kyiv from Europe on Monday despite the risk of arrest, vowing to help protect the ex-Soviet
41 mins ago
Deported defending champion Novak Djokovic was thousands of miles away when the Australian Open began on Monday, but his brooding