Thursday, 7th December 2023

Articles by Minna Salami

31 Aug 2016
Poverty, insecurity and instability are indeed what could be listed as physiological and safety needs on Maslow’s pyramid. What’s listed on Maslow’s pyramid is besides the point, but it gives an idea of what to strive for, which is useful.
17 Aug 2016
I recently read a story titled The Habit Of Loving written by the irreplaceable Doris Lessing. The story was about an ageing man who, having been abandoned by first his wife and later his partner of many years ...
27 Jul 2016
When feminists use the word patriarchy, it is usually followed with a shrug, a rolling of the eyes, or a sigh.
13 Jul 2016
When I was a little girl, I once decided to see how long I could stop speaking for. In my adult memory the time span of my muteness experiment extended over four, five days.
15 Jun 2016
There's a lot of talk about toilets lately. After the Obama administration told US schools to let transgender pupils use toilets matching their gender identity...
25 May 2016
While speaking about homeland security, George “Gaffe” Bush once said, “I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”
13 May 2016
Furthermore, did you ever hear Germans advise other Germans to stop using mathematics because its roots are in Africa? Or, Italians refraining from coffee because coffee originates from Ethiopia? Neither have I.