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Articles by Rotimi Fawole

13 Feb 2018
On the 2nd of February 2018, the president of Nigeria signed an executive order ostensibly to promote science and technology acquisition and the participation of local companies in government procurement activities. In addition to the government’s happiness with itself on the matter of the executive order, many newspapers have cited the approval of many industry…
2 Feb 2018
The Ease of Doing Business Index is a yearly publication released by the World Bank, comparing different features in business regimes across different countries, resulting in a league table. Generally, countries in which companies can be registered quickly, contracts can be enforced in courts...
16 Jan 2018
When a Nigerian president takes the oath of office, amongst the things that he solemnly swears to do are preserving, “the Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles...
12 Dec 2017
The police is your friend. Bail is free. The SARS stories are fabricated. All perspectives of the Nigerian police that are completely unfamiliar to the people they supposedly serve and protect. This is why it was hardly a surprise that many Nigerians agreed with the assessment of the 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index…
28 Nov 2017
In very welcome news this past week, the National Assembly passed the harmonised version of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Bill.
24 Oct 2017
The purported termination of the Intels pilotage contract by the Nigerian Ports Authority, further to advice from the Attorney-General of the Federation has generated a lot of debate, for a number of reasons.
10 Oct 2017
While they may have well formed the basis for the investigation by the EFCC, charges are usually substantiated by the ‘Proof of Evidence’ that the prosecution attaches to the charge sheet.
26 Sep 2017
At the risk of becoming boringly theoretic in my commentary, the fallout of the military’s python rhumba over the past few weeks is difficult to ignore.
12 Sep 2017
What is the system and how does it work? I’d like to suggest that the system is a theoretical machine handling the interaction between the government and the people, and the people between themselves.
29 Aug 2017
As everyone knows, our most benevolent and omniscient ruling class has discovered a new silver bullet – the one thing that will fix all of Nigeria’s problems.
22 Aug 2017
One Governor declares a public holiday to celebrate the return of the President from Great Britain after 104 days (and a prior 57) away on treatment for an unknown illness with an unknown prognosis.
8 Aug 2017
In his most recent interview, in August 2017, the following quote was attributed to him, in response to a question about media trials – “Our attitude to media trial is that we will ‘media try’.