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Articles by Yemisi Odusanya

28 Jul 2018
It is holiday time for kids and not only are parents scouting for summer schools and activities for them, they are also looking for recipes that can keep them busy. These recipes are perfect not just for children, but also for everyone. They are really easy to prepare and finish so fast you would be surprised. PIZZA…
14 Jul 2018
A few weeks back, I took a trip to Maputo, Mozambique. I was so excited and I spent a couple of days touring my new destination and getting to explore not just the culture, but also the food.
23 Jun 2018
Buying what we need while also keeping the grocery bill down as much as possible is what most of us desire. Yet, we keep making the same mistakes when food shopping because we are not conscious of them.
9 Jun 2018
Growing up up in Delta State, one of my favourite meals was Banga Soup and Starch (Usi); served in the native clay pots (Evwere), bubbling hot from the stove, served with catfish, sprinkled with periwinkles-it was irresistible. On road trips from Lagos to Warri, I would also make pit stops at my favourite Banga Soup…
26 May 2018
Muslims all over the world are fasting daily because it is the Holy month of Ramadan, where they eat at pre-dawn (Suhoor), abstain from eating during the day and break their fast at sunset with a meal called Iftar. These tips will help with knowing what kind of meals to eat, which to avoid, and general health practices.
12 May 2018
It is common to cook and have some left- overs, especially with rice, soups, yam and more. Not many people like leftovers and it may sit in the fridge for so long before eventually making its way to the bin.
28 Apr 2018
It is Mango season right now and if you love mangoes as much as I do then, like me, you will be excited about trying new ways to enjoy the fruit. You can eat it just like that, drink it as a juice, eat it as a meal or a side dish, use it for…
14 Apr 2018
Waiting for that one weekend when you get to tear the kitchen apart to do a thorough deep clean will be exasperating and tasking if a daily cleaning routine was never a habit.
24 Mar 2018
At least once a week, something unplanned happens - the meal time-table is not followed and I may need to make a quick meal for my family. Times like this call for back up meals and improvisation.
10 Mar 2018
Often, over ripe plantains are thrown out because they are too sweet to be fried “dodo style” and are too soggy to stand on their own. Well, today I am going to show...
24 Feb 2018
Being a good cook requires skills and of course using the right equipment to get great results and to make the process of cooking easier. Does anyone really want to spend...
10 Feb 2018
Valentine is just around the corner and the stores are littered with red roses, heart-shaped treats, and there is love in the air. You can definitely feel it! There are so many ways to celebrate and make Valentine’s Day special and I have always believed the way to anyone’s heart (mine especially) is through the stomach.…