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Cummins launches 1,540kw generating set


Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria (CESN), the official Cummins Nigeria Gas Product distributor and after market dealer, has launched the new 1540 KW high-efficiency Osprey gas generating set in the country.

Much research has gone into the new Osprey engine, which is one of the most efficient engines on the global market – delivering up to 44 per cent electrical efficiency. In waste heat recovery applications, the total system efficiency can climb to 84 per cent.

Cummins lean burn engines and full-authority electronic engine management systems provide both low emissions and high efficiency.

Cummins Inc is a $19 billion Fortune 500 organisation with over 55,000 employees worldwide that is synonymously known for quality. Cummins is a ppioneer and industry leader in the design and manufacture of natural gas-fired generator sets as well as in the provision of power generation solutions.

The Osprey QSK 60G, which is designed and manufactured in the UK, has raised keen interest from industrial manufacturers in Nigeria who are quickly switching to natural gas and seeking high-efficiency engines to boost competitiveness.

Chairman of Cummins Power Generation Nigeria, Deepak Khilnani stated “we are excited about the Osprey’s application in IPP projects and ability to further drive both reliable and cost-effective power solutions.”

“The Osprey, along with our existing product line, now gives us an added ability to provide our customers with a greater choice of generating solutions, tailor made to provide the most efficient and cost saving solution for their business,” said Graham Christie, Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria General Manager.

The majority of private industries in Nigeria today operate on diesel generators for their power requirements due the unavailability of natural gas. However, the rate of switching to natural gas generators is very fast as both the pipeline infrastructure is widening and awareness of compressed natural gas (CNG) is growing in Nigeria. Firms such as Powergas are leading the CNG development in Nigeria, trucking natural gas directly to customer sites. Analysts forecast that natural gas-fired generation is likely to dominate the market given the clear financial savings.

Natural gas-fired power generation is approximately 40% cheaper than diesel based generation. Moreover, energy comprises up to 35% to 40% of heavy manufacturer’s total operating cost, significantly impacting competitiveness and industrial growth. Besides simply the cost saving, there are significant environmental benefits to operating on natural gas such as reduced carbon and nitrogen emissions.

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